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ED-209, with Joystick Control

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Most of the services I created manually, and used the gui to connect the services methods together.

Like joy.xaXisRaw - > panServo.move()

Here is a Python script to listen for the a certain button press:

Making Progress On Automated Sentry Turret Gun

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This is ED-209, my makerspace's(http://dhmn.net) automated sentry turret gun.
We're working on a redesign of the hardware, but in the meantime I'm using it to experiment with MRL.

Raver's People Watcher

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Autoscan room, find humans!

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Face Tracking with Pan/tilt Webcam

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I was given the keys to the kingdom, and got Alessandruino's face tracking script to work.

It's awesome!






Leap Motion Finger Tracking A Pan/tilt Webcam

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This is a camera tha can be aimed with hand controls over the leap motion touchless 3D hand tracker.




Here's the script I run in the Java interpreter: