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My Face Is Melting

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Here is a little psychedelic camera demo I built, it has nothing to do with Myrobotlab, but it's still fun.



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Now with 100% more lasers!


RC Car Reciever

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Here is a pic of ther rf reciever in the car. I can see there is a transistor hbridge on the right. The board is powered by 9.6V. How do I tap into this with an arduino, or from the Beagle Bone Black GPIO?

Pincers of Doom

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There are two cameras on the car, one fixed camera to watch the road, and the pan/tilt camera next to the robot arm for watching the pincers.

I wish all the white plastic was black instead.

Murder, Death, Car

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I introduce Murder, Death, Car.

I hope it achieves enough sentience to break free from it's cruel human master.

Here's the camera views:

Things to do:

1. There is still space for a robotic arm on the front of the car:

MRL+OpenCV+Beagle Bone Black Worky!!!

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Ubuntu Hard Floating Point

Installed OpenCV using script located here:


Then MRL OpenCV just worked!

Happy Fun Tank

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Here's my first successful test, I've got the tank up on blocks at the moment.

There does seem to have a bit of a wire management problem.

Let there be light!

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I finally took the time to finish making the Wall Lamp from the Red Bull 2013 Creation Contest.