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Color Tracking in Inmoov 2.0

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Kinect + MyrobotLab

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This is inside MRL using PointCloud service

This is outside MRL : using OpenNI and NITE


How i can do it Grog?

This is my actual computer installed software list...

Designing an Arc Reactor Model...

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I'm designing an arc reactor model with holes for LEDs :) then i'll voice control it using Jarvis (MRL) :D

Color Tracking using OpenCV and InRange Filter

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Here is me with a tennis ball.. No filter is applied except Pyramid down to resize the video from the cam:

Here is as the ball appears after an InRange filter is applied... I had to tune HSV values in order to isolate the green of the ball...

Next is to find the center of the object and track it...

How can i do it?

Happy Birthaday GroG from all MyRobotLab users :)

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Gael : " When I saw the video of Alessandro, I felt like InMoov had to do something too!!

Thanks Grog for all your help and your kindness!"

InMoov building references

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InMoov Head

My suggested order is :

  1. Neck mechanism
  2. Jaw mechanism
  3. Face Parts (only EyeGlassV3 is needed in order to mount eyes mechanism)
  4. Eyes mechanism
  5. Skull Parts

Parts download :

3D PDFs :