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Smoothing Kinect output data using "Holt’s Double Exponential Smoothing Algorithm"

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UPDATE 05.19.2014

Progresses :

Kinect skeleton is very jumpy, because of the noise of the sensor.

So here is a script which SHOULD smooth the value using 

Mind/eyes controlled InMoov !!! :D

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Here is what i did using NeuroskyMindwave , InMoov and Thinkuino !!

Quacopter parts christmas !!!

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Italian Christmas has arrived !!! :)

Here is Quadcopter parts :


Inverse Kinematics applied to InMoov 2.0

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This is a script i made for Gael months ago... He said it was worky for him...

In this script only shoulder and bicep servos are involved... 

At the start of the script number of joints(2) and lenght of the joints is declared (upper arm and forearm)... Then the script moves the hand from a (555,0,0) position to a (750,0,0) position... (x,y,z) 

So the hand moves in front of inmoov on a "virtual" line

InMoov 2.0 customization -> XMLs

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Now you can customize your inmoov, saving all inmoov preferences in xml files!!!!  An xml file will be created for each running Service.

Just type -> and all your preferences will be saved in the .myrobotlab folder

At every script you run, you can load them all with i01.load()

Brain Storming post about kinect and kinematics

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Pic of the way to obtain shoulder angle on the YZ plane...

Pic to obtain rotate 

PID to smooth Kinect Skeleton values...

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Here is a script i wrote to smooth the value coming from the kinect, in order to send it to inmoov servos.

How you can see,  "hand is" is the value coming from the kinect and it is 5 , then 59 , then 28 , then 44... it would burn our servos..

"servo is" is the smoothed value !!! 


MRL'ers number is GROWING !!!

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Here is a video by Daniele Orfino, a guy who i met in Taranto during the Arduino day... He loved MyRobotLab and he is moving his first steps in the MyRobotLab World !!!

Here is a continuos servos controlled using MRL !!! Worky !!!