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DIY Acc/Gyro Armand - IMU gy80

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My DIY Oculus Rift

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This is a 4.2" LCD screen with Composite Video Out - > 12 V

Hooked to the screen there is a Sport Camera (the same i use for my quadcopter)

The goal is to hook up the Mpu6050 to have ACC/GYRO feedback for MRL so that i can move InMoov Head like Kwatters did with his Oculus Rift.

On the way to make my MPU6050 talk with MRL over serial

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UPDATE 08/08/2014

WORKY !!!! received and parsed !!!!



What i got on the mrl side:


This is what i'm using on the arduino side


Getting MRL worky on the Odroid U3... on the way to make InMoov autonomous

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UPDATE 07.22.2014


MPU6050 to borg... I2C on Arduino

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Here is my test with the MPU6050 sensor with Arduino.

I'm using the I2Cdev library by jrowberg which is divided in 2 parts :

1) the "general" I2C communication part

2) the customized part for each sensor

To make it worky i had to "install" manually the libraries in the ArduinoIDE

References :

mindwave headset -> time to borg it

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So far i've tested thinkuino software, and it was worky..

Time ago i was trying to recompile the c file, but then we found the compiled version for windows

Thinkuino is a good starting point because we know that at least it works!!

It uses library

I have the mobile version of the headset( black version with built in Bluetooth)

Quadcopter : Crius AIl-in-one board (Multiwii 2.3 firmware)

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UPDATE 07.22.2014

Here are photos for wilco !

UPDATE 07.12.2014

Here is the 2 Axis gimbal i designed and printed :) 

UPDATE 07.03.2014

Flight with on-board cam :)