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Need help with Chess Automated Android app

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We have developed an Android App for the chess board which uses Open Source Droid Fish as back-end.

Chess Automated Project Update

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Hey Everyone,
This update from my end has been due since a while, but exhibiting the chess board at various events and managing sutdies leave me short of time. 
After Returing from Maker Faire, Rome, November was little slow due to our exams.

Data Flow with RasPi and Websockets

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From what I have understood after disscusing the working of MRL with you, is this data flow for online gameplay (ie: board user vs user on website GUI) correct?


New Diagram



Preparing Chess Project for Maker Faire Rome

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Great news guys,

We are going to maker faire Rome in October laugh

I guess Alessandruino and Gael are also coming.

I have few things in mind ToDo before maker faire, but have lots of question, please help me get sorted:

Automated Chess Board Demo

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Hey Guys,

Here it is!!!







Pawn Races around Chessboard !

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[Update 2] Multiple stepper motors - diagonal movement



chess . Automated 1.0 [Project Update]

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Greetings MRL'ians

This post is an update to the robotic chess project mentioned here:

Robotic Chess Board

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Hey all,

One of my first entries on my robotlab smiley

This is regarding my chess board project and  since a few days I have been talking with GroG and Alessandruino on the shout box regarding this project, so Grog suggested that I post more details about this one so it can be a more permanent thing :P

Heres what im doing in this project: