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INMOOV cardboard made in amby

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Hello everyone 
a new robot in my house 
welcom INMOOV

a new hand

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print job reversed

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Hello everyone 
I just perceive me that I printed al upside 
Indeed, as my parts are symétriquent I saw not the problem 
Now, I 'prints INMOOV and this happens in reverse 
I do not understand thank you for your help
bonjour tout le monde
je viens de m'appercevoir que j'imprimais a l 'envers
en effet comme mes pieces sont symétriquent je ne voyais pas le problème

problem for print inMleft or inMright

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hi every body

i have a problem when i print inMleft


my first print no problem


my 3 print one othe piece arrive up on left

like is not the same size i have a spaguetti of tomatos

please need help


inmoov on the beach

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inmoov on the french beachs

he love that lol

speaker inmoov

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ho everybody


i find a speaker about my old tv

i take a speaker and perfect size for my ear

so i would like to know if it is good

what do you think?

i put a soket for woman on head like this my head it is very nice face not bump!!!

thank you

maker faire 2014

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to day i going for the fist time maker faire 2014 paris

i can see INMOOV and for the fist time gael and aless

they was very busy and they was take 5 minutes about there time for speaking whith me

i was very happy to meet this guy's very sympathique

but 15euros i think to much expensive

but maker faire is very interesting i love it

problem worm

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hi every body

i have a problem

i print worm and i can't cut

how i do the same?


i use repetier host please help me

dinosaur biped

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a dinosaur biped good walk