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new romeo

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i finih 3d my robot romeo

new inmoov

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hello every body

they a long time i dont put a picture here

because i working about robot

i can show you my inmoov with my arm

but i am always here and i see some news

it is my prototype before use abs

like you can see grog i am always the king cardboard lol


a new robot homemade in cardboard

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hello everybody

i find a new robot

very eeasy for star to build a robot in cardboard



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hello every body

i am looking for a poeple can help me for calibration my delta printer

my hotbed is not plane

please help me


my shoulder with motor

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my first test about my shoulder

i need a people know 3d for help me to design and print it after

i do only in cardboard

king of cardboard lol

automata new film

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gears for arm

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hello everybody


my work to day

i bought a machine lol i don't know the world" visseuse" in shop lidl in promotion

only 14,90 euros


one motor

battery littium and charge


 so i print a small pivcenter