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Android - Looky My Phone Position

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Android phone with Motion Sensor (and other Sensors)  sends its data to the demo 

UI Widgets

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Get 'er Done

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Distributed Teleoperated MRL Begins .... (sort of)

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This was a first, so I wanted to share it !    I connected from a local instance of MRL to the online demo .. BOOYA !  - it connected !  I wanted to see if I could create a Joystick service .. it worked !  And I got a select option on the demo site of my local hardware .. unfortunately I forgot my Joystick :(   


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Forward 3 steps ?

WhoooHooo :

This is a streamed live image from a Java Application which opened the webcam of my laptop - streamed over the network to a Java client application .. Yay .. I think this is progress..   It's supposed to be H264, I'll need to check on the details.   Endgoal is to have a live stream with audio & video from MRL Service to a webpage (HTML5) ...  So still have some more steps to look into...

Latest from Wevolver

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WOOHOO ! - way to represent Kevin !

I'd like to see InMoov do this ;)

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Jinx shouted the link ... nice they timelapsed it .. otherwise I wouldn't have had the patience...  
But can it plunge the toilet !

Stereo Depth with Cameras

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Oldfarmhand found this video.

Nice example of Stereo Depth finding with OpenCV - no reason InMoov couldn't be doing this ... Who has a checkerboard !?!? :)

MPEG 4 / H.264

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ffserver -formats


WebGUI Framework Additions

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Cool ! - Running a Python script - watching the IK3D Render with Logging statements scrolling by ! 
On the online demo ! -