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Here's the beginning basic diagram of a proposed "Robot Pool".  Initially it would be the Incubator which is the build machine all MRL builds come from running an instance of MRL with a special service and an XMPP service.  Robot Buddies who were interested in joining the pool would accept the Incubator as a buddy, and Incubator would accept the new robot as a buddy.

Sample InMoov Head DNA :)

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Update 2013.11.03

DNA - (Description of Neighboring Automata) 
This is a contextul configuration - allowing meaningful defaults, without taking away the ability to TWEAK 

The following is an InMoov head with many neighboring services..  servos, tracking, pid, arduino, etc...
With DNA you can split or merge services, or graft new ones of different types into the structure.

Release Notes

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 Release Notes


  • removed performance issue due to logging


  • websockets on 7777 instead of 7778
  • better gson type conversions
  • improved REST api
  • performance timings for opencv

Quick XMPP example

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The plot thickens .....


XMPP is a network service you can use to get information to and from mrl.
At the moment it supports simple chats..
Future enhancments will be 2 way MRL messages, video & audio streaming...

InMoov Hand Ready For Testers - build 1804

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speakErrors (Speech Service) // damn good

autoDetach after 5 minutes inactivity

isValid systemCheck - various levels + contextual string

check scripts - subsume all previous capabilities - minimal script

videos need to be done (all interfaces - webgui, gui, xmpp)

WebGUI - TODO - framework for button cmdText -> quick propegate

The Faire !

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 "Robot, you have to folow my orders, capiche?!"

Training robot just like a Professional :)

Ambassador Alessandruino !


WebGUI Updates

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This is now the default index page for MRL's webgui.
There is a REST API link which queries MRL's currently running services and returns a dynamically created interface which allows activation of any method with any service.  You may program and control with URLs :)