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      Current OpenCV ScoreBoard

System  Worky/No-Worky Comments tested by borsaci - 

Compiling OpenCV JavaCPP JavaCV for Raspberry Pi

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Reference to Salaboy's great tutorial

Hardware requirements
A Raspberry Pi <<revision memory picture>>
A 16 GB 20Mb/s SD card was purchased and used for the build after spending a day+ waiting for a compile to run on a usb drive.

Operating System
wheezy - hard point (link)


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This is a matrix of platform information and their support.  One wonderful qualities of Java is its portability.  However, interfacing directly to hardware or using C/C++ libraries we need to build native JNI shims.
This matrix should help identify what is needed.

Easy OpenCV 2.4.6 Here We Come !!!

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WoooHooo JavaCV 0.6 + OpenCV 2.4.6 in MRL on Windows X86 - 64 bit ! 
Soooo... it looks as if the JavaCV project bundles its own build !!!!  We'll that is exciting, it means they already did 95% of the work !!!

I do believe there's a mac on my pc !

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Thanks to the magic of virtual box - I can now run a mac on my pc - so I can support kmc's evil machine !


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List great references for I2C

XMPP a little closer

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Bi-directional Worky !  Heh, its not the fastest either, but it IS working :)
And a HUGE amount of refactoring was done.
Refactoring is cutting away the garbage..  evolving, cleaning optimizing

InMoov 2.0

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This post is to coordinate efforts to get InMoov 2.0 working.
List of work 

Sensor (PIR) affected Tracking

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Arduino Pin 3 (Green) is in a low state - all filters remove and the Tracking service is in an IDLE state


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Here's the beginning basic diagram of a proposed "Robot Pool".  Initially it would be the Incubator which is the build machine all MRL builds come from running an instance of MRL with a special service and an XMPP service.  Robot Buddies who were interested in joining the pool would accept the Incubator as a buddy, and Incubator would accept the new robot as a buddy.