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Asynchronous Serial Messages

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Azul was having some issues reading data coming back from a custom script running on an Arduino Mega, so I thought I'd make a small script which demonstrates how to do asynchronous reading.

The script requires no hardware, because it uses a Virtual Serial Port (COM77_uart).

I used the swing gui, because its better at displaying python errors, although the webgui has a better send interface (swing one grows for some reason :P)

Acapela Speech Emoticons

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Saw this in harland's script, and thought it was funny - 
So I looked up what Acapela had to offer regarding speech .. they have lots of exclamations, emoticons & sound effects.

Servo Stuff

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I had some servo suggestions.  I was thinking it might be nice not to tie the status of the servo with the control.  I think they are 2 different things and tying them together can cause unwanted feeback and other problems.

Xmpp gets refactored

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Not checked in yet - but its showing promise ..
Xmpp is very nice in the sense its a protocol which will allow connections over challenging obstacles.
Like NATs  (Network Address Translation) - most people have this on their local network at home (or in the office) where devices are not connected directly to the internet.

But with NAT tranversalling, which Xmpp can do - you can connect one InMoov to another and connect those to phones.

Jython 2.5.2 vs 2.7.0

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Okay, we've been going back and forth on this.
Functionality wise, 2.7.0 has json serialization in it (a good thing) , but something is wonky with some encoding..

I would prefer to use 2.7.0 vs 2.5.2 but I don't know all the encoding issues people have been suffering, or the details.  My own experience is that it's killing my unit tests, which is why we are back to 2.5.2 at the moment.

Does anyone know any details ?  Kwatters said he tried using jvm parameters to fix 2.7.0 encoding.  Do we know what is going wrong ?

WebGui - new functionality

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Hi All,

The WebGui has some new functionality.  Its basic positioning, hiding, and showing which can be accessed through the WebGui service.  All functionality of any Service can be accessed through Python.  

First download the myrobotlab.jar from the "latest" link to a new directory.

Gael ! EEC15

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Nice Video \o/

Xmpp now with Xmpp Server !

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This was just a quick test of the new Xmpp server running @
I tried the service with Google, and they now do not accept connections Booo ! :(
But  I am currently running an Xmpp server which allows the Xmpp MRL service to connect and send/recieve messages.

AudioFile - updates

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I thought I do a quick post to describe some of the updates & refactoring I did with AudioFile.

I believe previously most of the Speech Synthesis systems would inaccurately publish events because they did not directly hook into the events of the AudioFile playing of files.