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The Life of the Little Wild Omoplate

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Lets follow the friendly little omoplate through the wild woods of configuration !
First the omoplate is born ..  awwe.. isn't he cute..


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Noticed [e-Nable] group has started to look into this for their hands...

Alessandruino bought one, but he said it noWorky .. wonder if it was the same SparkFun model.  

Kinect Fun ! - Publishing Skeleton Angles for Servos - Omoplate & Bicep

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So the Kinect stuf is not quite ready for prime time...   If you have a working MRL install you can do the following to get MRL + Kinect (stuff)

Download this zip

unzip the 2 directories and drop them in your (mrl install directory)/libraries/native/

So that you'll have a 


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A basic interface to CleverBot JabberWacky and PandorBots using this project

CleverBot example

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cleverbot = Runtime.createAndStart("cleverbot","CleverBot")
speech = Runtime.createAndStart("speech","Speech")
speech.speakBlocking("how are you"))


InMoov as Dr. Octopus .. mmmmmm.....

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Festo Trunk + InMoov =



3D Printer Information

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Free / Open Source

3D Printing Generators


The Gift of Amore

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What more meaningful gift could you get than a coupon of Servos !
Alessandruino's girl friend has given him that for their 6 year anniversary !

Alessandruino is very lucky to have a woman who cares so much !