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Preparing another OpenCV Service release

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This is what I've been working on.  Testing.  After Raver pointed out a bug feature, I had to work on a lot of OpenCV plumbing.  Did you ever have an OpenCV filter blow up on you?  Why isn't MRL testing this?  What a great idea !   Have MRL test itself.  

TLD has had binaries posted from a YEAR AGO !

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What have I been doing?

Yeah... that's how it feels sometimes..
I downloaded the binaries to see what it would give me..
Unzipping it on a windows box .. and what do I see ..
Ahhaaa ! Some very familiar OpenCV libraries...

Happy MRL Anniversary - WOOOHOOO \o/ !!!!

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KMC mentioned MRL Ambassador Alessandruino has been a member for 1 YEAR today ! 


Make Your Own MyRobotLab Build Machine

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Download and Install Jenkins - Jenkins is a Continous Integration Build System.  Builds can be very complex - Jenkins attempts to solve many of the complexities.

First download and install.

Robot Attack !!!

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Yes, in case you've noticed the site down... this would be the reason.

Robot Attack ! - well not the cool robot like the picture .. but a internet robot.  Some internet robots are good, and well behaved.  Search engines send out web-crawlers bots which slurp up data to be indexed.

They do it in reasonable bites (bytes).  

Translation Please !!! :D

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BTW ... It looks GREAT o/

Inside InMoov's Head

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InMoov's head ... lots of spagetti in there :)
Anyway - there seems to be some issues with mouth control and the jaw servo - there were too many services and not enough hardware ...

Hopefully its ironed out.   I think there needs to be another way to display all this stuff (preferrably on the web) so we can see all the routes and messages.  This seems a bit crowded and it doesn't even have the left and right arms/hands/fingers.

Raspberry Pi Cameras and Faster Frame Rates

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Saymon asked if the Raspberry Pi module was compatible with MRL. By "compatible" I believe what he is asking is, "Is the Raspberry Pi module compatible with the OpenCV service of MRL".  The answer is no. OpenCV only supports cameras which support V4L (video for Linux) . 

To add to the confusion there is two interfaces for Linux V4L and newer not necessarily compatible V4L2.

Sabertooth 2X25

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After many attempts at creating a robust and inexpensive H-Bridge I finally caved and bought this lovely high current motor controller.  I've heard good things about it.. but is it ready for the Red Beast !?!?!?

Probably the most expensive (non-computer) hardware I have ever purchased.

Its so amazing it comes in its own personal engraved case - wilth luxurious foam padding.  Well, it's time to pull it out of its case and start testing !