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InMoov as Dr. Octopus .. mmmmmm.....

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Festo Trunk + InMoov =



3D Printer Information

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Free / Open Source

3D Printing Generators


The Gift of Amore

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What more meaningful gift could you get than a coupon of Servos !
Alessandruino's girl friend has given him that for their 6 year anniversary !

Alessandruino is very lucky to have a woman who cares so much !  

Preparing another OpenCV Service release

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This is what I've been working on.  Testing.  After Raver pointed out a bug feature, I had to work on a lot of OpenCV plumbing.  Did you ever have an OpenCV filter blow up on you?  Why isn't MRL testing this?  What a great idea !   Have MRL test itself.  

TLD has had binaries posted from a YEAR AGO !

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What have I been doing?

Yeah... that's how it feels sometimes..
I downloaded the binaries to see what it would give me..
Unzipping it on a windows box .. and what do I see ..
Ahhaaa ! Some very familiar OpenCV libraries...

Happy MRL Anniversary - WOOOHOOO \o/ !!!!

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KMC mentioned MRL Ambassador Alessandruino has been a member for 1 YEAR today ! 


Make Your Own MyRobotLab Build Machine

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Download and Install Jenkins - Jenkins is a Continous Integration Build System.  Builds can be very complex - Jenkins attempts to solve many of the complexities.

First download and install.

Robot Attack !!!

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Yes, in case you've noticed the site down... this would be the reason.

Robot Attack ! - well not the cool robot like the picture .. but a internet robot.  Some internet robots are good, and well behaved.  Search engines send out web-crawlers bots which slurp up data to be indexed.

They do it in reasonable bites (bytes).