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Servo Analysis - Baseline Test

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This post is to examine the different ways in which a servo can be controlled through myrobotlab, and some of their limitations and advantages of the different speed implementations.  And more importantly, it is to start information regarding the Baseline Test for Servos.

Starting Python (and / or any other Service or Script on startup)

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bhouston asked if it was possilbe to start with Python service automatically on startup. I'll be including bat files which do this again shortly, but in the interim I'll show you how to create your own.

From the command line you can start any service(s) in addition you can actually invoke any command too... You could automatically run a script, which potentially is quite powerful.


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This article is to collect information regarding the very cool NeoPixel.
I would like to create a NeoPixel service, but some of the libraries require the whole Arduino to work properly (rather a heavy sacrifice)


Try this Neo

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trigPin = 7
echoPin = 8
arduino = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino", "Arduino")
sr04 = Runtime.createAndStart("sr04", "UltrasonicSensor")
sr04.attach(arduino, trigPin, echoPin)
# blocking examples

A quick test with MRL 1.0.18 (from github!) - WebGUI ----> Python function

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Hi All,
This is a quick test of the new github release & some long awated functionality.
We want to call a Python function from the webgui using a single URL - this way we could save it as a bookmark or on our phones webrowser and activate it whenever we want.

AI - Sillyness

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This is just to keep some references in order to make a better shoutbox AI.

Currently MRL has a CleverBot but, I'm a bit underwhelmed by its dialog.  
I was thinking I'd like to have maybe a "little" funner interface to Wolfram Alpha ... at least you could get good information from it, like the current weather forcast in your area.

Quick HTTPClient example

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The following will dump all the data to the python tab (print it) from the default urban dictionary site.
You might want to find a site which delivers just simple text or parse out the joke or part of interest.

Make sure you have the HTTPClient service installed.


from java.lang import String
http = Runtime.createAndStart("http","HTTPClient")
print String(http.get(""))

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WebOscope .. Worky

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So .. fairley quick fix ... Mega pin definitions were borked, and also the weboscope would choke after first 500 messages

Now it worky - just grab the - rename it to myrobotlab.jar and drop it in your install directory/libraries/jar folder