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Propellor From Gareth

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Well this is exciting Gareth is Clang Clang Clang at adding another micro-controller to the MRL BORG !

Mysterious Moving Issue Solved (I think)

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Gael described a problematic issue where omoplates and other parts failed to reset themselves after a "rest" command.  It was difficult because it did not seem consistent.  Problems which always fail 100% are usually easy to solve. This one wasn't.  But I think I've got it....


Torso - reloaded

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i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01","InMoov")
torso = i01.startTorso("COM16")
torso.topStom.setMinMax(60, 120);
torso.midStom.setMinMax(0, 180);
torso.lowStom.setMinMax(0, 180);
i01.moveTorso(50, 90, 73)

Torso script work-around

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Torso work around in script .. until I have time to get back to it ...

Challenge for Alessandruino

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This is a promotional video .. well made .. but not "for real"...
Will happen sometime.. I think weight and power limitations are the biggest hurdles (not to mention local legal restrictions) .. regardless would be fun ;)


MRL Evolution

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© Ryan Etter


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Thanks Adolph for this great find !



I have thought many times in the past, that most of the walking bots are way too stiff.. Besides boston dynamics I saw a cockroach video where metal leaf springs were incorporated - what a big difference in gate !

3D Virtual InMoov Parts ;)

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Work work has me doing lots of 3D graphics stuff.. here's an InMoov bolt spinning in space :)

In Memory of Professor Steiner - April 28 2014

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A mentor, father-in-law, poet and friend...  Professor Jeffrey Steiner, we will miss you.