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New Vision System Needs To Be Assimilated !!!

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Google's latest object recognition tech can spot everything in your living room

Simulator - LogicBots

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Slick Simulator on Steam


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Cyberhedz - shouted this is the shoutbox - I think they have a good idea in creating "more than a tool" - Some of their use cases were well done, and even I could see it could be useful.

Holy shit 7 million views and just published in July


Open Source Business

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I have benefitted greatly from the open source community.  I remember vividly installing Linux for the first time (in the "old" days when it came with 2 X 1.4M root & boot disks).  And gleefully reading Alessandro Rubini's Linux Device Drivers book.  It felt like the world opened up.  Things which were always hidden to me, such as device drivers, became transparent and accessible.

I'm HUGE ! FullScreen CanvasFrame from JavaCV

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Or at least fully expanded .. dunno the details on what exactly fullscreen is .. but this is 1920 X 1020 (shrunken down to fit on blog post)

There be hardware accelerations in some of these thingies too ! :)

Will need some time for the elves to hammer it in correctly...

Shoutbox now supports multiple xmpp clients

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Wanted to update all you MRL'ians to a few changes on the site...

First is the shoutbox was replaced by a running instance of MyRobotLab - WOOHOO!

MRLComm Arduino Library is Born

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I have had many requests in the past from people making projects who wanted to use MRL, but did not know how to incorporate it in their "already running" projects. 

In the past MRLComm.ino was a sketch which you had to load into your Arduino in order to use MyRobotLab. But now, there is a kinder / gentler MRL !  It's now an Arduino library !

Now how can you use it with your own sketch!  

Python call back signatures now have parameters

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# This demo is a basic speech recognition script.
# A set of commands needs to be defined before the recognizer starts
# Internet connectivity is needed initially to download the audio files
# of the Speech service (its default behavior interfaces with Google)
# once the phrases are spoken once, the files are used from that point on
# and internet connectivity is no longer used.  These cached files 
# can be found ./audioFile/google/<language code>/audrey/phrase.mpe

MRL as backend to new Shoutbox

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Progress - authentication is still needed - no silly "send" button, just hit enter..
Better text wrapping capabilities, no silly "name" .. also I see lots of potential for "system" calls
mebbe @mr.turing to send a message directly to the ProgramAB :)


It's starting to work !

Pingdar progress

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Not checked in but making some progress with Pingdar - there was a considerable amount of "clean up" form the original WiiDar radar display.

Some things that I noticed - there is alot more range events per single servo move.