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Pingdar Data

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Press Full Screen to watch.

This post is to examine the details of Pingdar.  

Here We Go - MRL on Android (again) :) !

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Alright - hangout telepresence, diy occulus rift, an array of sensors, acclerometer, gps, compass, gyros, bluetooth, good speech to text, & wifi are just too much !


Borging ...Parallax Platform

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Keyboard control of the platform is now enabled - the numpad keys do the following.
7 - left wheel forward 8 - both forward 9 - right forward
4 - left forward right reverse 5 & spacebar - stop 6 - left reverse right forward
1 - left reverse 2 - both reverse 3 right reverse

Theoretically it could be put on the floor and we could test it - probably would want to go through a test of the key pad first.

MouthControl and Burning Servos

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I have a feeling that MouthControl is consuming servos at an alarming rate.
I think Gael has had 6, and MastaBlasta had 2 ..  Most likely there have been even more casualties...

I have a feeling I might know why this is happening, and I would like to refactor this service.

I think min & max is being incorrectly reset - I would like to simplify some of the structure and remove the resets.

Software from iRobot

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Free control software - worth checking out and reviewing .. Although, I was not really impressed with the interface.  A more "simple" mode would be to tilt and turn the tablet for speed and directio of platform, with thumbs controlling the gripper.

Python Community Libraries

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Hello MRL'ians :)

Wvantoorn mentioned I should start a post regarding our future Python Community Library.  Right now, our library is checked into github as part of the MyRobotLab repo.  This repo is primarily Java (framework) code - but the library has grown significantly, and there are many scripts floating around which would be nice to share, modify, modularize & improve.


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Serial ports are about the most common means for computers to talk to periphery devices, so of course this makes them important in robotics.  They are older than the internet and can sometimes be very frustrating.


Linux Tools

Fun @ Roma Faire !

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Ale also started a hangout - was very impressed with the quality of Google Hangout .. But got me thinking there should be better control mechanisms for tele-presence .. Occulus Rift, LeapMotion , Myo, Accelerometers, Gyros, Gamepad & even keyboard would  possibly help...  need to research this further

It would be a good challenge to remotely do something like stack blocks on a table.

Impressive Bionics

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Impressive design and strategies

Hangout !

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Remote Control App

The hangout button above the shoutbox proves its worth once again..   Managed to remote control harland's laptop from 2 bazillion miles away through my phone.  Harland is going to mount the little laptop on a parallax bot which I think will be the base for his InMoov in the future.  WOOOHOOO nice one Harland !