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Eye Glasses for the Kinect

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I got a Nyko ZOOM for the Kinect in the mail today from Amazon for $6.99.  These are my results so far.
It advertises as 40% less distance the kinect should still work.  Here are 2 images :

We now can support (N) - servos

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Name Binding in MyRobotLab & Blender is done(ish)  Now, it is easy to support (N) number of servos.  
Binding is very easy to do.  You just name the object with the rotational pivot the same as the MRL's servo name and create a single actuator with the same name with the appropriate axis of rotation.  

Cool Legs

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Mastablasta linked this project - very cool legs


Toolbox with legs !

Request for Swiss Elvish Help - Bridge Building....

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Ahoy Gareth & Elves  !

Now that we threw a few grappling hooks across for the Blender Bridge I was wondering if you could demo / explain how a servo "joint" is made in InMoov.

I like the way Blender expects everything to be named .. this is a MRL mantra too.

I was hoping to capitalize on this in this way :

New IRobot Product

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We better get busy...
Must teach InMov to get beer AND clean floors ...
One robot to do it all ! :D

Virtual InMoov - has been Bridged

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Ahahah...  it should say "Virtual good times" ...  this is nice .. the virtual Arduino is now talking all the way back to the MRL Arduino  GOOD TIMES !  What does this mean?  virtual sensors? virtual events? ??? 


MRL Central Home Control Automation and Monitoring - Wifi, Bluetooth, & IR

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I will be making a MRL Central Home Hub - similar to the Logitech Harmony Hub, KickStarter Anymote, and several other home controlling units (e.g. Nest)

create a central inexpensive smart hub to do all the translating from network to whatever device needs to be controlled..  could be IR appliance (tv, dvd, cablebox), BlueTooth for Arduino (sensor, current consumption, hydrometer, barometer, switch monitor), Wifi for REST, and network control

Now You Can Do A Release

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I've setup the Travis-CI build file with the ability to post releases.
It will only push a release into github if someone pushes a tag.

You can add a tag through eclipse by right-clicking on the project -> Team -> Advanced -> Tag

Current build of 1.0.87 was pushed in this way.

Motor Updates

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Motors are getting a large overhaul. There now is mapping for power levels, and encoders.  What this means is that the power input can be configured to be any range as well as the power output (similar to Servos).  

MyRobotLab T-Shirt

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No mad scientist wardrobe is complete without a MyRobotLab T-shirt. Now, you can get your very own with a snippet from our Borg Borg Borg motto ! Help support open source software and feel the power of the largest open source Java robotic platform in the world!

It's even radiation resistant !*