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What Methods Can I Use ?

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Documentation is a very good thing.  Good documentation is even better. MRL provides a large array of Services  each of which contains a large number of methods.  When you are using Python, its nice to know what methods you have to work with.  Regrettably, we have a limited number of elves working on the project and they don't always have time to provide good documentation.

Here are some suggestions the elves have suggested.

The NEED for SPEED !

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WOOOHOOO !   IT IS WORKY !!! ... or mostly so - some fine tuning is still required...

But holy cow lets compare ....

236 micro seconds vs 18,392 micro seconds ..

Ya a bit of a difference...   

Here are some pros and cons of the new PulseIn


Sexy Odroid Case found by KMC (and other good cases)

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KMC found this cool looking case for the Odroid on Thingyverse


Here's a Arduino Uno case that would be good too.

Uber Video Water Streaming Home Automation Thingy

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Updated 2014.07.20

List of newly found excellent references

Update Command For Udoo from SSH

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It's a bit of a doosey ... its a one liner "install all Services" through ssh .. "would" work if it wasn't for the borked #**&@)*#@&  Java install on the Udoo

java -Djava.library.path="libraries/native:libraries/native/armv6.hfp.32.linux" -cp "./myrobotlab.jar:./libraries/jar/*" org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime -update

What we are working on .... Best Borg Efforts :)

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Alessandruino mentioned once that it would be nice to have a page which contained information regarding what we currently are working on.  This represents our group effort (TODO) similar to the Borg Inventory representing our  communal parts :)

So, here it goes :


FPGA Demo Boards

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Gareth mentioned this in the shoutbox - looks interesting - didn't want it to fall of the shoutbox conveyor belt

The idea of programming one of these things looks potentially rewarding, but at the same time hurts my wee head :P

Aldebaran NAO

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NAO NextGen
Cool little bot