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Python call back signatures now have parameters

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# This demo is a basic speech recognition script.
# A set of commands needs to be defined before the recognizer starts
# Internet connectivity is needed initially to download the audio files
# of the Speech service (its default behavior interfaces with Google)
# once the phrases are spoken once, the files are used from that point on
# and internet connectivity is no longer used.  These cached files 
# can be found ./audioFile/google/<language code>/audrey/phrase.mpe

MRL as backend to new Shoutbox

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Progress - authentication is still needed - no silly "send" button, just hit enter..
Better text wrapping capabilities, no silly "name" .. also I see lots of potential for "system" calls
mebbe @mr.turing to send a message directly to the ProgramAB :)


It's starting to work !

Pingdar progress

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Not checked in but making some progress with Pingdar - there was a considerable amount of "clean up" form the original WiiDar radar display.

Some things that I noticed - there is alot more range events per single servo move. 

Drop Matrix Fountain

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Drop Matrix Printer Fountain Display Osaka Station Japan - Shared by a friend - wonder what kind of valves they use ...  any ideas ?


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Dwilli found this and shared  -

MRL Java -- Call Backs To --> Python !

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In Python we get to call Java Service methods directly (Yay!) ...

But the going the other way, when a Java service wan'ts to call a Python method - the method was always a bit convoluted.

First there was only the "input()" method..
and all Java could only call this one method on a Python script :(

def input():

Then this was enhanced so that at least the method name could be something besides "input", but the parameters were a challenge to get with convoluted array structure.  E.g.

Searching for an Image Searcher

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Ale has recently expressed an interest in the possiblities of identifying images with Google "search by image"

I believe we had talked about this before with the Cortex service, below was an attempt of a a process flow/state diagram

UltrasonicSensor - quicky

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Quick peek at some of the new UltrasonicSensor Service stuff ..
Use 1.0.31+
MRLComm.ino version is 15 (I think) - so you'll probably have to reload it.


What Methods Can I Use ?

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Documentation is a very good thing.  Good documentation is even better. MRL provides a large array of Services  each of which contains a large number of methods.  When you are using Python, its nice to know what methods you have to work with.  Regrettably, we have a limited number of elves working on the project and they don't always have time to provide good documentation.

Here are some suggestions the elves have suggested.

The NEED for SPEED !

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WOOOHOOO !   IT IS WORKY !!! ... or mostly so - some fine tuning is still required...

But holy cow lets compare ....

236 micro seconds vs 18,392 micro seconds ..

Ya a bit of a difference...   

Here are some pros and cons of the new PulseIn