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Immediate Roadmap ... Arduino gets the Machette

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Yep .. something which should have happened a very long time ago ..  Arduino is getting big surgery ..
Currently Arduino manages its own serial connection..  after Elvish surgery the following will happen

The Swing Interface is Dead !

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Or dying ..  
We need to move to the Cloud ! :)

For some time I have been having issues with compiling & uploading to Arduino through MRL .. part of it is the evil GUI !  .. 

But this !  This looks very promising !

Alternative Arduino Interfaces !!  When MRL becomes fully Webified ! 

More Stuff For Elves to Work !

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Took care of most of the last part .. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE !!!

Here's the latest log I took from the "Agent" - who did a test on every Service (excpet for OpenNI, Runtime, InMoov, CLI, & Test) ...

3 Megs of logs and lots and lots of ERRORS ! ..  since these tests were pretty simplistic .. most errors probably have to do with problems with serialization and beginning problems with Arduino connectivity !


(makes bigger stronger MRL!)

Fun With The All Powerful CLI !!!

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These last few weeks I've been working on an Agent Service and a CLI service.
The CLI service is turning out to be great fun and VERY powerful !!  Kwatters and I have been throwing around ideas on how it should behave.

Above you see the ls command.

ls at root / returns all the running services

ls at a service e.g. ls /cli/ ending with a slash returns all the methods.

Automated Testing

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Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures

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Not robot related, but definitely worthy of posting .. and printing :)

Kwatters Makes a New Affline Filter .. and it WORKY !

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Here it is at 30 degrees ...  Nice work kwatters .. that was wiki wiki !


GitHub Issues and Enhancement Requests

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This morning kwatters mentioned we might consider using a ticketing system.

Now we will use the GitHub Issue tracker ->

This should help us more clearly navigate future waters.

Virtual Broken Neck

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Started name binding with Gareths latest bowling InMoov, but he appears to have a broken neck.  Has to do with X orientation of the neck ...  Thought I could fix it on MRL side with mapping ... not sure .. will continue to experiment ..

I think the definition of the pivot is 90 degrees out of phase .. possibly inverted too...