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Now You Can Do A Release

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I've setup the Travis-CI build file with the ability to post releases.
It will only push a release into github if someone pushes a tag.

You can add a tag through eclipse by right-clicking on the project -> Team -> Advanced -> Tag

Current build of 1.0.87 was pushed in this way.

Motor Updates

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Motors are getting a large overhaul. There now is mapping for power levels, and encoders.  What this means is that the power input can be configured to be any range as well as the power output (similar to Servos).  

MyRobotLab T-Shirt

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No mad scientist wardrobe is complete without a MyRobotLab T-shirt. Now, you can get your very own with a snippet from our Borg Borg Borg motto ! Help support open source software and feel the power of the largest open source Java robotic platform in the world!

It's even radiation resistant !*

Multiwii - meh?

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Here's MultiWii running in the same process and MRL. I put in a couple serial hooks where I thought messages were going to go back and forth..  I was pretty surprised in that I thought you could control a quad copter with this program, but it looks like its primarily for reading telemetry & tuning your quad

Corrective glasses for InMoov's Farsightedness

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Gareth mentioned these glasses for the Kinect are supposed to cut the min/max distances by 40%


Borgroid !

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View from laptop .. yep.. On the exact same source as the "desktop" MRL !  1 source to control them all !

Next is getting an Android service which is capable of getting data from every sensor a phone might have, and interfacing with every system level resource (such as voice) that a Android smartphone might have ..

Serial Service - now has 1 click Virtual UART

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WOOHOO I sent a file through a virtual serial cable !

In this quick demo I do the following

RemoteAdapter Connected

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Playing with connecting MRL Instances together - if you look you can see one is running on a windows box and the other is running on a raspi.  Together they are STRONGER ! :)

On cool improvement is you have "context" with the runtime tab - previously you could not "install" or upgrade through the gui - but now you can - the runtimes represent 2 different views of MRL installed on different machines/platforms

PYROBOTLAB - The MyRobotLab Python Community Library

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I have move the large number of Python scripts from the myrobotlab repo and moved it to pyrobotlab.