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MaVo has made some great advances in the WebGUI, I have added some functionality as well.   My intent is to merge these 2 branches unless someone has a better idea.  Merging is a big pain, but making mrl better is worth it.  I like to think of it as genetic engineering where we are taking the traits of two different organisms and making a Bigger Stronger Faster MRL !   The following list are some of the details.

Another Small Step

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Data coming back now from Clock services in the /test workspace ...

It's "very" kludgy .. lots of refactoring .. but you can create a new Clock service and it will auto-subscribe the the pulse and start it ...

It's fun working with MaVo although I know I'm torturing tearing things apart ..  MaVo is a fast healer :)


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I like the center jack to lift the shelf is "screwed upwards" with the robot spinning around with its drive motors.  Clever !

Git Merge - Brave New World

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I already have a backup and did merging the "old school" way - but now I'm trying to do it the git way !
We have 3 branches master API (mine) WebGUI (MaVo's) and I'm trying to merge MaVo's WebGUI branch into mine.  I made a pull request and was pleasantly surpised to the auto-merge and views of the changes (well done Git & GitHub)..  I was excited that only 3 files were in conflict.  I know the changes at the moment I want to keep all the changes on my branch which include 2 modified files & 1 delete

Vacume Gripper on InMoov

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B-Houston with what looks like the MIT - coffee ground vacume gripper !   Great Work !

MyRobotLab - API

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MyRobotLab API Service Endpoints

MRL offers several service endpoints with the WebGUI service.
You may send command or recieve data through these endpoints.  
All service endpoints begin the same way.


e.g. http://localhost:8888/api/service/

The litteral api is required.
At this point an api type needs to be specified.

Possible Great Resource

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This looks like a great resource for quick experimentation and learning...

(I'll be poking the AngularJS part)

MakerFaire - Paris !!!

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Look our friends having fun @ MakerFaire - Paris !!!


CV Dazzle

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Found this great set of videos which help visualize some of the processing of OpenCV