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Beginning Max Python File

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montanadad sent me a link to a python file he's working on, and here is an initial pr for it

Sneak Peek at ServoMixer Updates

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A little jme remap worked ... the full script is here - I "exported" most of it ... there is a button for that ..


DeepLearning4J Service vs OpenCV DL4J filter vs Yolo

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Ahoy Kwatters !
I was wondering the differences and the plan going forward for these 3.

OpenCV DL4J Filter - Worky !

OpenCV Yolo Filter - Worky !

Deeplearning4J Service has no UI in swing or web - but I can see the filter spawns the service


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Have worky (N) Mqtt Instances...

It may look like duplicates, but its not. There are 4 MRL Instances connected together, and all (so far) appear to be fully functional in the webgui.

There are 3 which have mqtt connectivity, and another that is connected through the webgui service.
WOOHOO ! - will continue looking for bugs and doing more refactoring ...

Latest Build - Cli Easter Eggs

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With the latest build - when you start it from the console gives you an interactive cli shell.
The cli shell's interpreter is the same as the http service api.
For example:

is the same as
/runtime/ls in the shell


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A pretty fun diversion (squirrel !), Listening to country music ... that seems to be most common in the lower frequency bands with a RTL-SDR 

Gareth turned me on to it. Linux install was pretty straight forward.  Digital packet over low band ... hmmmm.... slow but nice range

TarsosDSP - Real Time Digital Signal Processing

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For years I have eye'd this library with the idea that it would be a great service for mrl.  Ray I believe is interested in creating an new mouth service for InMoov.  I think we are both thinking of the possiblity of monitoring the output line and generating events to move the mouth appropriately.