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Gross Calibration

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Need more speed !

Virtual InMoov

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*Make Note - vInMoov is very rough and will require considerable work to make it all easy one click !  

This is a quick post to describe how with a little luck you might be able to get the virtual InMoov started.

Release 108 - Review

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Virtual Arduino - (virtual.logic tab is simply a Python service running emulation logic) - Aren't virtual pins cool !  We have analog & digitial now

We now have the tab with the correct version of MRLComm for that release - a good thing

Big Drone

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Big very fun drone with active RFID antenna to race around locating stuff.

Portland Willamette River FlyBy - with Phantom DJI 2 + GoPro

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This was done by my work work - manager and his Phantom DJI 2 + GoPro.  Very nice footage I think, he paid the birds to come in at the beginning for dramatic value.

Immediate Roadmap ... Arduino gets the Machette

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Yep .. something which should have happened a very long time ago ..  Arduino is getting big surgery ..
Currently Arduino manages its own serial connection..  after Elvish surgery the following will happen