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The Intention of Arduino Sensor Attach

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Kwatters asked me about the intention of Arduino Sensor attach.  I know it could be refactored, but its good to know the intention before doing so.

The general goal is quite simple :  Support as many sensors as possible with as little code !

So the idea I had was a generalized Sensor would exist in the MRLComm.c.  This struct is a union of all the sensors data we desired to support.  Not a C-union (because those can be even more tricky with memory issues), but just a simple struct.

Project Tango - this needs to be Borg'd

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Don't know all the details .. but it feels like this Sooooooooo  needs to be Borg'd.
What I think this is .. is .. the all powerful "Google" has created an sdk to harness the full potential of the most common commercially available hardware which contains the most densely packed sensor platform (ie. the smartphone)

MyRobotLab Coding Style

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Keeping track of changes is difficult enough.  Merging differently formatted code makes sad monkeys !

If you use eclipse, we have a file which will make eclipse do the myrobotlab "standard" formatting.

Here it is ! ->

Esp 8266 Borg Assimilation

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20160516 - Update !

We can talk !  Parts of MrlComm are now running on the Esp8266.  Did a full getVersion request and the data flowed !  ....  goodtimes....

Next is considerable cleanup..   MrlComm "should" be a library..   and then I "think" this should probably not be its own service ... its really just a reconfig of pin mapping (once working correctly) in the Arduino service...

Not sure ..

Agent ... or how MRL starts

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Some confusion has occurred about zombie processes ... Strangely the process which would be kind of the 'cure' to zombies, is itself becoming a zombie - but not because its a process out of control.. its because very few know how to use it, and it does not (at the moment) default to present a UI


This "probably" should change because it give a lot of control, and can be used to prevent Zombies !

Fun way to test .. Keep the Elves Busy !

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Here the "Test" service is auto-testing.  The elves go through a matrix of testing.  It's easy to add tests and more are on the way.  Much more fun than an spreadsheet & the tests can now be run on many platforms.

Asynchronous Serial Messages

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Azul was having some issues reading data coming back from a custom script running on an Arduino Mega, so I thought I'd make a small script which demonstrates how to do asynchronous reading.

The script requires no hardware, because it uses a Virtual Serial Port (COM77_uart).

I used the swing gui, because its better at displaying python errors, although the webgui has a better send interface (swing one grows for some reason :P)

Acapela Speech Emoticons

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Saw this in harland's script, and thought it was funny - 
So I looked up what Acapela had to offer regarding speech .. they have lots of exclamations, emoticons & sound effects.