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Back to the Future

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Something just very amusing using a CLI through a web page .... 

TrashyBot Script with WebGUI

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Here is TrashyBot's script processed through the WebGUI's Python interface .. WORKY !  Or mostly so - got stuff to do like Servos dont appear attached, Joystick & Motor need some gui's too !

Arduino Micro

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MaVo has made some great advances in the WebGUI, I have added some functionality as well.   My intent is to merge these 2 branches unless someone has a better idea.  Merging is a big pain, but making mrl better is worth it.  I like to think of it as genetic engineering where we are taking the traits of two different organisms and making a Bigger Stronger Faster MRL !   The following list are some of the details.

Another Small Step

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Data coming back now from Clock services in the /test workspace ...

It's "very" kludgy .. lots of refactoring .. but you can create a new Clock service and it will auto-subscribe the the pulse and start it ...

It's fun working with MaVo although I know I'm torturing tearing things apart ..  MaVo is a fast healer :)


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I like the center jack to lift the shelf is "screwed upwards" with the robot spinning around with its drive motors.  Clever !