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MyRobotLab - API

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MyRobotLab API Service Endpoints

MRL offers several service endpoints with the WebGUI service.
You may send command or recieve data through these endpoints.  
All service endpoints begin the same way.


e.g. http://localhost:8888/api/service/

The litteral api is required.
At this point an api type needs to be specified.

Possible Great Resource

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This looks like a great resource for quick experimentation and learning...

(I'll be poking the AngularJS part)

MakerFaire - Paris !!!

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Look our friends having fun @ MakerFaire - Paris !!!


CV Dazzle

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Found this great set of videos which help visualize some of the processing of OpenCV

OpenCV on MRL 2.4.10

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I set a raspi up so I could find out the issue BillC and others have been having recently regardin OpenCV running in MRL.

The latest versions of MRL uses OpenCV 2.4.10 ...  

Going to 2.4.10 is great - new features and such BUT - it appears Samuel @ JavaCV does not have an arm linux binary set ... only android arm :(

Gross Calibration

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Need more speed !

Virtual InMoov

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*Make Note - vInMoov is very rough and will require considerable work to make it all easy one click !  

This is a quick post to describe how with a little luck you might be able to get the virtual InMoov started.

Release 108 - Review

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Virtual Arduino - (virtual.logic tab is simply a Python service running emulation logic) - Aren't virtual pins cool !  We have analog & digitial now

We now have the tab with the correct version of MRLComm for that release - a good thing

Big Drone

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Big very fun drone with active RFID antenna to race around locating stuff.