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I Heart Directives

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The Start of the Port Directive

Now that I've been working in Angular for a little while, I can see the potential power of Directives.  Directives are neat, often self contained little views into your application.

A shoutout - Thanks !

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I want to say a big thanks for testing, answering questions, commits, fixes, and general coolness. 
I haven't pulled in 3+ days (very unusual for me) - so to see the commit log was like toys from Santa.  Also want to thank kwatters for kind words and the whole MRL crew taking the time and care to answer questions with respect and thoughtfulness.  

And that's all I got to say about that ...
Peace Out ! (Drops the Mic)

MRLClub and New Standards

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First Rule of MRLClub is everyone has an opinion and ideas, and you will treat each other with respect and kindness - even if you totally disagree....  its an easy first rule...

I'm always learning things in MRLClub.  Recently, I've learned how 5 people can successfully work together simultaneously on a piece of code ..  Whoa !   Very cool.

Here is my MRLClub log :

Collaborative Code Services

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Its a very different time from when I began my software development career.  The world has change.  When I started we scrolled our algorithms alone on parchment paper under candlelight.  When we were done the master monk lead engineer would convert our parchment to cards so they could process on the automated loom computer.

The Intention of Arduino Sensor Attach

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Kwatters asked me about the intention of Arduino Sensor attach.  I know it could be refactored, but its good to know the intention before doing so.

The general goal is quite simple :  Support as many sensors as possible with as little code !

So the idea I had was a generalized Sensor would exist in the MRLComm.c.  This struct is a union of all the sensors data we desired to support.  Not a C-union (because those can be even more tricky with memory issues), but just a simple struct.

Project Tango - this needs to be Borg'd

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Don't know all the details .. but it feels like this Sooooooooo  needs to be Borg'd.
What I think this is .. is .. the all powerful "Google" has created an sdk to harness the full potential of the most common commercially available hardware which contains the most densely packed sensor platform (ie. the smartphone)

MyRobotLab Coding Style

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Keeping track of changes is difficult enough.  Merging differently formatted code makes sad monkeys !

If you use eclipse, we have a file which will make eclipse do the myrobotlab "standard" formatting.

Here it is ! ->