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Myo And Distributed MRL Test

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Distributed MRL - Arduino, Serial, Servo, & RemoteAdapter is in one instance, the WebGUI, MyoThalmic, & Python is on the other.

Same computer connected to in this test, although the intent will be to have a raspi at a different ip address with the Arduino Serial & Servo

The way you talk your talk

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As I am getting the Speech Services working again, its a good time to refactor.  And I noticed, currently, there are 3 very different ways which speech can process.  SpeakQueue is the most "natural"  and should probably be renamed to speak, and our speak is more like speakMulti ...  speakBlocking was the only one named appropriately.

Back to the Future

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Something just very amusing using a CLI through a web page .... 

TrashyBot Script with WebGUI

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Here is TrashyBot's script processed through the WebGUI's Python interface .. WORKY !  Or mostly so - got stuff to do like Servos dont appear attached, Joystick & Motor need some gui's too !

Arduino Micro

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MaVo has made some great advances in the WebGUI, I have added some functionality as well.   My intent is to merge these 2 branches unless someone has a better idea.  Merging is a big pain, but making mrl better is worth it.  I like to think of it as genetic engineering where we are taking the traits of two different organisms and making a Bigger Stronger Faster MRL !   The following list are some of the details.

Another Small Step

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Data coming back now from Clock services in the /test workspace ...

It's "very" kludgy .. lots of refactoring .. but you can create a new Clock service and it will auto-subscribe the the pulse and start it ...

It's fun working with MaVo although I know I'm torturing tearing things apart ..  MaVo is a fast healer :)