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AudioFile - updates

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I thought I do a quick post to describe some of the updates & refactoring I did with AudioFile.

I believe previously most of the Speech Synthesis systems would inaccurately publish events because they did not directly hook into the events of the AudioFile playing of files.

Virtual InMoov in WebGui (a start)

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Virtual InMoov currently works in Blender, but wouldn't it be great if we did not need Blender to display ?
Three.js is an great library for using webgl and displaying 3d models and environments.

Things to Come....

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2015.01.04 - Acapela web gui worky


Recently, in preperation for "the release" ... I've been working hard on the holy trinity .. Arduino Serial & Servo ..

DIY Oculus Case

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Oculus VR Headset arrived today .. Yay! .. 

  • Suction cups for a phone
  • Open at the end for wired connections
  • Width adjustable eye lenses
  • Focal length adjustable
  • Adjustable head straps

Overall very pleased with design.  The adustable focal length is important because my eyes need very different magnification to focus.

Got NFC stickers too as Alessandro suggested.

Serial Line Speed

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We now have lines speed on the serial port.  It will appear and publish the line from a pre-defined sample interval.  The publishing point is Service.publishStats .. the reason I put it in Service is "all" services could potentially use it to measure the speed of MRL's messaging system.  You can only optimize something you can see !   Lots more fixes to do..

Further Along

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A friend from work helped get the Prusa I2 further along .. Yay !
I guess I'm missing an aluminum mounting plate for the head .. but I should be able to connect the electronics when I get back from my vacation trip...

Wheelchair platform - first steps

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Batteries have been dead for a couple years .....  got new ones .. rather expensive - but these guys are BIG GUNS ..  LOTS OF POWER !!!

The wiring was all messed up from when I was building my own H-bridges, forgot how it all went together.  Got a Volt/Continuity tester and figured it out.

WebGui Pulse Step Motor Control

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Refactoring Arduino, Motor, Motor Control, Motor Controller & Sensors ....  starting to work ! 

WebGui + Joystick Service = Web Joy

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The data input is my laptops touchpad, because sneaky elves have hidden my joystick/gamepad  !

At first I thought the keyboard & touchpad did not work, but it turns out they will emit data if the java app has "focus" - to have focus I started the old GUIService ...  Can't seem to get rid of the thing :P

Motor WebGui

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More pipes need to be connected - but its starting to come together...