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Further Along

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A friend from work helped get the Prusa I2 further along .. Yay !
I guess I'm missing an aluminum mounting plate for the head .. but I should be able to connect the electronics when I get back from my vacation trip...

Wheelchair platform - first steps

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Batteries have been dead for a couple years .....  got new ones .. rather expensive - but these guys are BIG GUNS ..  LOTS OF POWER !!!

The wiring was all messed up from when I was building my own H-bridges, forgot how it all went together.  Got a Volt/Continuity tester and figured it out.

WebGui Pulse Step Motor Control

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Refactoring Arduino, Motor, Motor Control, Motor Controller & Sensors ....  starting to work ! 

WebGui + Joystick Service = Web Joy

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The data input is my laptops touchpad, because sneaky elves have hidden my joystick/gamepad  !

At first I thought the keyboard & touchpad did not work, but it turns out they will emit data if the java app has "focus" - to have focus I started the old GUIService ...  Can't seem to get rid of the thing :P

Motor WebGui

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More pipes need to be connected - but its starting to come together...

Myo Refactored

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MyoThalmic Service

Alessandruino has been making progress on the Myo.  He cleverly decided to hook up the Myo through bluetooth to attach to his Android phone.  

This turns his phone into a Wifi router and sends the Myo data across the intertoobs to a running MRL instance.  He was having some troubles sending the data successfully.  We want fast & stable !

Android - Looky My Phone Position

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Android phone with Motion Sensor (and other Sensors)  sends its data to the demo 

UI Widgets

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Get 'er Done

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Distributed Teleoperated MRL Begins .... (sort of)

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This was a first, so I wanted to share it !    I connected from a local instance of MRL to the online demo .. BOOYA !  - it connected !  I wanted to see if I could create a Joystick service .. it worked !  And I got a select option on the demo site of my local hardware .. unfortunately I forgot my Joystick :(