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Blender Buck Rabbit Kinect Delicode NI mate

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Kinect ---> ---> Blender

For those playing along at home , here is the recipe for the video above :-

Unity 3D alternative to Blender using C# & Java scripts.

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I just bumped into this

Together with this

It is basically a 3D Game engine / design tool for 3D graphics.....

.... with the added extra of connecting a Arduino comm port .

Virtual InMoov gets "Potted"

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It was quite a work to "Rigg" the file that Gael sent me.... Its feasible, and the speed is good.

So far I have only automated the fingers , arm, and shoulder joint.

...and now that I can understand the mechanisms .... next job is to add some bones to make pose_ing easier (in the blender environment).

The Potentiometers work well and now I will search a Potentiometer bank to help develop further.


Blender Parent & Child objects ....over Serial Link Workio

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Have Just configured 4 Potentiometers to control my Blender Virtual Robot Arm.. Using a Propeller to TX four Analogs over a Serial link. Using Python code to control the actuators.

Each arm part is parented to next in the chain , meaning that they are all connected as one limb however able to turn on its parents axis.

Blender Inmoov python pyserial parallax propeller

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Just a taster for an up coming walkthrough integrating Serial devices with Blender.

Blendering Your Python Code

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Blendering your Python.

Here is a walkthrough showing how to implement Python scripts in Blender.

Blender can be used as a powerful Gui to not only display data but also control things over serial connections.

i.e. imagine flexing an Inmoov finger in blender and the "Actual" Inmoov moves its finger the same.

or even Vica_versa....... animation possibilities and bone rigging follows suit... :-)

Tracking objects with De0 Nano FPGA emulating a Propeller and output to Myrobotlab Gareth Chiprobot

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This is a Tracking system using an FPGA altera IV chip set.

FPGA := Field Programmable Gate Array

To explain a long chain of events that led to this project.

Pre_Cursor ....Early Summer :-

Logical......Inmoov Vulcan Ears

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Thought I would bring this to your attention ... found on Thingiverse.

Inmoov Vulcan Ears

MRL meets FPGA Deo Nano

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Hmmm a new Tab :-)

First test with comms & digitals yields a "Go Elves Go"....

Update :- Servos Workio