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Wii camera as distancing sensor

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As an experiment I have attached a Laser to InMoov's Left eye & Wii-Camera to its Right eye.

What InMoov sees is the reflected Laser light (depicted as the white dot on the green bar)

Introducing James ..... J° for short

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Introducing "James" or J° for short

I have been intrigued for a while with Voice recognition and Voice playback....soooo...

... to help with the reality of it all (Kinesthetic learning) , what could be more fitting than having a "Buddy/Buddyess" to converse with and get a nod or shake of the head or Wink of an eye...

One step further with Virtual InMoov (VinMoov) ....MRL mini bridged

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Using some Virtual ports I have been able to connect VinMoov to MRL ....YAY ...(just to get thing up and running...whilst MRLs revap takes shape).

Its using this Python script  :-

Tuna Tailed Goldfish hybrid .... 3D printed shell

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Latest Project..... 3D printed fish controlled by handmade solinoid coils.

Its 3 second goldfish brain is a Picaxe 08m2 , its driving a SN75541ONE H-bridge giving it  a four stroke action.. ...

..... swim fishy swin......

Rolling your own Solenoid effectors.......

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Just a quick walkthrough on producing homebrew electromagnetic Solenoid effectors......

V_InMoov synchro moves

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Update 20150119..... Inverse Kiematics

Placing bones inside VinMoov is now paying off...means very easy control over movements, also its possible to record the movements.

Above you can see I have placed a money head as the "Handle", only the left middle finger is attached to it, wherever you take the monkey the rest of the bone chain follows.

Each joint can be separately stiffened to allow for realistic movements.

Could someones elves confirm the lower arm parts.....

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Can some kind Elf tell me (ASAP) if the Blue LEFT lower arm below looks correct.

Ie Both the Right lower arm and the left lower arm have the support gear on the same side.

I am asking because I could not find the opposite lower forearm and had to remesh myself.(it looks ok to me!!!)

Thanks In advance.....G

InMoov goes 10 PinG (pin) Bowling

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It uses Gael Langevin's InMoov robot mesh data.
The joints are controlled by a Parallax Propeller mcu.
The Propeller reads 16 Analoges .
The Propeller sends the data over a serial link.
Then via PySerial a link is made into the Blender 3d cad package.

MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010

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PlayList for MIT Open Corses Artificial Intelligence  29 x 50minute lectures   Yikes (no i have not seen them all yet)