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Gareth's 3D gear system corner (Wins & Fails)

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Here is a collection of 3D printed Gear systems I am currently working on.

Retro-fitting Stepper Motors

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First experiment proves viability of replacing some of inmoovs Servos with stepper motors.

I am using a Planet Gear (blue-box) in the picture above .....fortunately it just squeezes into the chest cavity.

Its downloadable off

I am still awaiting a Nema 17 stepper motor to drive it (this too I hope will slide into chest cavity)

InMoov's sampling Bulgarian Schnaps

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Here is the first sensor I have stuck behind InMoovs Nose. It detects Ethanol/Alcohol levels using an MQ3 sensor.



InMoov as an Environmental Blood Hound....

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I have been meaning to test some of these modules out for a while now... and as I have the InMoov head already assembled, its nose lends its-self to the task, however sneakily its being built into InMoov's detachable ear part (easy for removing and setting up).

The sensors can be seen above located in the main ear (white) assembly.

Wii camera as distancing sensor

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As an experiment I have attached a Laser to InMoov's Left eye & Wii-Camera to its Right eye.

What InMoov sees is the reflected Laser light (depicted as the white dot on the green bar)

Introducing James ..... J° for short

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Introducing "James" or J° for short

I have been intrigued for a while with Voice recognition and Voice playback....soooo...

... to help with the reality of it all (Kinesthetic learning) , what could be more fitting than having a "Buddy/Buddyess" to converse with and get a nod or shake of the head or Wink of an eye...

One step further with Virtual InMoov (VinMoov) ....MRL mini bridged

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Using some Virtual ports I have been able to connect VinMoov to MRL ....YAY ...(just to get thing up and running...whilst MRLs revap takes shape).

Its using this Python script  :-

Tuna Tailed Goldfish hybrid .... 3D printed shell

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Latest Project..... 3D printed fish controlled by handmade solinoid coils.

Its 3 second goldfish brain is a Picaxe 08m2 , its driving a SN75541ONE H-bridge giving it  a four stroke action.. ...

..... swim fishy swin......