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Nixie Tube Clock

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I have been looking for a fitting clock to match with a Mongolian shelving unit,

it needed to be retro so no option...... Nixie Tubes !!!.

The ins and outs of Kinect programming

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Great series on how to access Kinects goodies via processing by the guy who wrote the original hacked drivers for it. Well worth subscribing as he perfectly executes the cavets in "Processing" language  , fast paced to the point and fun.

Google Deep Dream - the future of predicting things before they happen !!!

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I bumped into this Video below explaining the process, thought it was some food for thought.



I ran Inmoovs hand through Google's Deep Dream  ( one source )

MRLcomm ESP8266 conversions (aka Grandeurs of Iron Man)

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Iron Man is a modular system, i.e. the arms, legs, body and face plate fly in from Tony Starks ridiculously awesome workshop...... each independent from each other until connected....
How can this be applied to the InMoov robotic sub systems .... and why.....

Off the Bat :-

Imagine an InMoov system, Left Arm / Right Arm / Head /Body each being controlled separately by an ESP8266 Wifi module (or any WiFi module, Rpi,etcetcetc)

ESP 8266 and Blynk

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3D Scanning with Autodesk 123D Catch

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This 3D scanning software took me a long time to find out....

I just bumped into this Autocad 123D Catch app which impressed the hell out of me.

The object you see is a project I made a few years back using Polymorph plactic (thats how you made 3D plastic stuff then)

ESP8266 capturing 4 Infra Red dots/markers using WiiMote camera

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Test rig :- 4 IRs dangling from space

Its basically a Nintendo WiiMote camera which is able to track 4 infra red leds/laser giving XY coordinates and also the size of the blob seen.

Weather prediction - using with a WiFi enabled ESP8266

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I have been experimenting with OLED displays, json strings and Web Weather sites.

I plumped for the weather site.

You have to signup for a free account which allows you to poll the site 500 times a day ( a scan every 2.5 minutes...not bad). They then supply you with a YOUR_KEY (see below).

I am using an ESP8266 as the wifi link to wunderground site.