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Weather prediction - using with a WiFi enabled ESP8266

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I have been experimenting with OLED displays, json strings and Web Weather sites.

I plumped for the weather site.

You have to signup for a free account which allows you to poll the site 500 times a day ( a scan every 2.5 minutes...not bad). They then supply you with a YOUR_KEY (see below).

I am using an ESP8266 as the wifi link to wunderground site.

Oled ESP8266 Graphics...

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ESP8266 gets some visual feedback.... 128x64 Oled display.

ESP8266 Meets the Force........ pre-requisite to Project ESP2D2

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ESP8266 meets the force....
Using the code posted here
for the Arduino, with some minor changes it ports easily over to the ESP8266 WIFI ........

"Blynk"_ing your ESP8266 Wifi - Servo Example

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What is "Blynk" .... It is a Smart Phone APP that uses either Android or iOS to IoT your projects for remote control.

High Tech. or Low Tech .... Principles stay the same :-)

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Where can I buy some Japanese elves  ?.....

BlueSun ESP8266 WiFi 'o' Sonar

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Continuing the theme with my ESP8266 WiFi "Wonder" chips.

First experiment in making a sonar scanner for remotely displaying depth/distance mapping.

The MaxSonar EZ0 is mounted via a 3D printed mount directly to a simple stepper motor.

The Stepper motor is controlled directly from the ESP8266 output pins.

Bluesun "Wifi'o'Scope" - ESP8266 enabled

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Finding the SVG details opens up a whole new jar of grubs, means that the tiny ESP8266 can grow its own display unit.

ESP8266 WiFi Controlled Hamster

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At last everything has come together ...

This is just a stepover project to prove the roundrobin of adding ESP8266 WiFi modules to remotly control Stepper motors and other cool stuff.

Programming an ESP8266 WIFI Module with the Arduino Gui

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This is a quick run_through on how to set up an ESP8266 Wifi module using the Arduino IDE.

With Arduino IDE version 1.6.5 it is possible to use the Arduino environment to download programs not only to the Atmel family but also to 3rd party Mcu's and importantly the ESP WIFI series.

FIre up an Arduino IDE version 1.6.5 or later :-

On the preferences tab be sure to copy and paste the URL below into the Additional Boards Manager URL entry box:-