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ABS Coated with copper works to - Burnishing the ink before copper bath is the trick..

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Here is an ABS grid i coated with conductive ink and found that  "Burnishing" with a back of a spoon helps compact the layer and reduce its resistance dramatically.

This was just 15 mins cooking in the electroplating. (had to turn the current down (800ma @2.5V) as once the copper coat starts the resistance reduces YAY ....... I does form quite a resilient copper layer.

Electroplating copper onto PLA ......Steam Punk style....

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Appying a coat of Conductive ink to PLA allows you to Electroplate it with copper.

Its the first time for me and the results are exciting :-

The PLA needs a bit of sanding to roughen it up a bit so that the ink sticks better.

Conductive Ink Sensors... are your 3M Ear_Plugs safe !!!

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My Conductive Ink has arrived along with some 3M is the Mix....


Servos Installed :- MRL>>>Propeller>>> Flexy-Flexy

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Last Hurdle....Kinda......Multiple Servos now working from MRL >>> Propeller

Also created a universal Propeller Board...... one that is easy to fit things too.....


Bottom Left adjustable power Regulator ... for servos (5V-6V) underneath is a 3.3V regulator(Hidden)

Middle Left ... FTDI serial link

16 pin chip is an 8 Channel 12 bit ADC.

Gyro x,y,z on i2c bus ......MRL>Propeller>MRL

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I have activated an i2c OBJ on my Propeller system making it possible for MRL to read any i2c device

..... As test the data you see here is from a Wii MotionPlus 3 axis Gyro... as you can see i got a bit carried away at the end of the trace... its pretty responsive.....YaY...

(Elves put on helmets fearing they are to go airbourne)

I have dissassembled the Wiis circuit board out and installed it into my Plastic egg system...

MRL>Propeller>MRL using MCP3208 chip 8 channel 12bit .....reading my pulse.....

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How is this for a medical instrument.....

Good progress with the Propeller>MRL linking.... just routing single elements at the moment... just to open up the gate ways..

MRL > Parallax Propeller (or any MCU other than Atmel)

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For anyone interested in attaching different processors to MRL you will need to understand the serial data flow commands.... knowing these there is no reason to be constrained to only using Atmel type chips.

In my case I am coding a Parallax Propeller to replace the Arduino ....

The Idea is to get the Propeller to Emulate an Atmel chip .... this means that all the other awsome services written for MRL will be transparent and theoretically work. .... (with more speed)


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MRL in the driving seat :-