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GroGoProP Meets the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield

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I have been searching for a while to find a way to control my projects with "Muscle" activity , at last I have found an easy solution with this :- an Olimex EKG/EMG shield from Newark Electronic components .

Raspberry PiNoir settings and what to expect....

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A picture is worth a 1000 words.  (for this experiment all pictures are 640x512)

This is a Picture Out Of The Box ..


Raw (no nothing)









PiNoir Raspberry Pi InfraRed Camera Testing

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Here I have documented some of the capabilities of the PiNoIR Infra red Camera.

Raspberry Pi - first Pictures ----

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I have just received a Pi NOIR (Raspberry flavored) from the UK firm

Above is a picture taken using a 3Watt Infra Red LED in pitch darkness.

Propeller MRLComm.spin code name GroGoProP

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Here I present a Program to clone a Parallax Propeller into thinking its an Arduino for use with MyRobotLab.

Its just a first Proof of concept with basic MRLComm commands

I devised the code to emulate an Arduino Uno :-

  1. Digital Inputs
  2. Digital Outputs
  3. Analog inputs
  4. Servo Outputs pin orientated  (still needs tweeking)

It already can be used "as is" however there are many commands to be shoehorned in.

Testing 3M conductive sensors on InMoov finger_Tip

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This is a Video for Gael and those searching fingertip sensor possibilities

Compression Chamber Take_No.1

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First attempt at a sealed conductive compression cylinder..... this time hollowed out the 3M earplug..awaiting it to dry before i can test....."twiddles thumbs".

I wanted to make a blind encapsulated print but choose plan "B" instead... there is no harm in a tube of glue....(development glue)

Update 5 minutes later :- Nylon screws will be used...whoops

Inmoov starter finger gets its nails clipped with conductive foam insert

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Inmoov starter finger gets its nails clipped with conductive foam insert

Early days to see how it performs :-

700 ohms resting

300 ohms compression, by manual test.....

Custom conductive ink Keyboards.....

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Creating a custom keyboard (x,y) style (Top).... and capacitive style (bottom)....

They are encapsulated so waterproof_ish