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Propeller MRLComm.spin code name GroGoProP

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Here I present a Program to clone a Parallax Propeller into thinking its an Arduino for use with MyRobotLab.

Its just a first Proof of concept with basic MRLComm commands

I devised the code to emulate an Arduino Uno :-

  1. Digital Inputs
  2. Digital Outputs
  3. Analog inputs
  4. Servo Outputs pin orientated  (still needs tweeking)

It already can be used "as is" however there are many commands to be shoehorned in.

Testing 3M conductive sensors on InMoov finger_Tip

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This is a Video for Gael and those searching fingertip sensor possibilities

Compression Chamber Take_No.1

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First attempt at a sealed conductive compression cylinder..... this time hollowed out the 3M earplug..awaiting it to dry before i can test....."twiddles thumbs".

I wanted to make a blind encapsulated print but choose plan "B" instead... there is no harm in a tube of glue....(development glue)

Update 5 minutes later :- Nylon screws will be used...whoops

Inmoov starter finger gets its nails clipped with conductive foam insert

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Inmoov starter finger gets its nails clipped with conductive foam insert

Early days to see how it performs :-

700 ohms resting

300 ohms compression, by manual test.....

Custom conductive ink Keyboards.....

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Creating a custom keyboard (x,y) style (Top).... and capacitive style (bottom)....

They are encapsulated so waterproof_ish

ABS Coated with copper works to - Burnishing the ink before copper bath is the trick..

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Here is an ABS grid i coated with conductive ink and found that  "Burnishing" with a back of a spoon helps compact the layer and reduce its resistance dramatically.

This was just 15 mins cooking in the electroplating. (had to turn the current down (800ma @2.5V) as once the copper coat starts the resistance reduces YAY ....... I does form quite a resilient copper layer.

Electroplating copper onto PLA ......Steam Punk style....

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Appying a coat of Conductive ink to PLA allows you to Electroplate it with copper.

Its the first time for me and the results are exciting :-

The PLA needs a bit of sanding to roughen it up a bit so that the ink sticks better.

Conductive Ink Sensors... are your 3M Ear_Plugs safe !!!

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My Conductive Ink has arrived along with some 3M is the Mix....