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Tracking objects with De0 Nano FPGA emulating a Propeller and output to Myrobotlab Gareth Chiprobot

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This is a Tracking system using an FPGA altera IV chip set.

FPGA := Field Programmable Gate Array

To explain a long chain of events that led to this project.

Pre_Cursor ....Early Summer :-

Logical......Inmoov Vulcan Ears

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Thought I would bring this to your attention ... found on Thingiverse.

Inmoov Vulcan Ears

MRL meets FPGA Deo Nano

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Hmmm a new Tab :-)

First test with comms & digitals yields a "Go Elves Go"....

Update :- Servos Workio

Parallax releases a FPGA emulator for its 8 cog Propeller

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Parallax inc. have released FPGA code that allows a number of develompent boards to emulate the Propeller 8 cog parallel chip.

Above is my converted Deo Nano ..... the Green Led0 means system is running on cog 0

Yes each LED is an indication of running cogs (that in itsself is a help for programming, ie knowing how many more parallel processes can be run)

Upgrading the Raspberry Pi camera..

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Although the stock lens is sharp ..... it lacks that spycam aspect.......

There are loads of fixed lenses out there ... however nothing beats a good zoom lens.

Ebay Search string (F1.8 1/3 Inch CS Mount 5.0-100mm DC Auto IRIS Manual Zoom CCTV Lens)

GroGoProP Meets the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield

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I have been searching for a while to find a way to control my projects with "Muscle" activity , at last I have found an easy solution with this :- an Olimex EKG/EMG shield from Newark Electronic components .

Raspberry PiNoir settings and what to expect....

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A picture is worth a 1000 words.  (for this experiment all pictures are 640x512)

This is a Picture Out Of The Box ..


Raw (no nothing)









PiNoir Raspberry Pi InfraRed Camera Testing

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Here I have documented some of the capabilities of the PiNoIR Infra red Camera.

Raspberry Pi - first Pictures ----

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I have just received a Pi NOIR (Raspberry flavored) from the UK firm

Above is a picture taken using a 3Watt Infra Red LED in pitch darkness.