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Gael's InMoov Script

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Using InMoov Gesture Creator

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This video is to show to Ma.Vo and Grog how I proceed to use Gesture creator, but I still need to learn the "how to"...

HelloRobyn to InMoov2.0 attempt [Solved] and [Worky]

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This is a first test to see if we could get the HelloRobyn script of Markus to work with InMoov2.0



InMoov Nervo Board

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Leon and Marten from the Nederland did a great job. They had already welded all the components on the board to make it easier for me to mount it on the robot.

Of course the task was heavy because I had to dismantle all what was previously working and that a day before the Paris MakerFaire which was risky...

I had to create new printed sockets to hold all the mini Nervo boards in the various endings.

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I reviewed the InMoov.Minimal script adapted to 1695 version to work for  more recent version.

So the will work with 1987 version



InMoov abdomen movements explained

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Getting a correct video is a nightmare with MovieMaker with a old PC running on XP.



Getting a led to blink on InMoov

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In the stomach pulsing like a heart beat. I would like to add that to the full script on pin30

The casing is designed to receive a NeoRing of Adafruit, I still need to get one though... In the meantime we can use a led!