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Artificial World or Artificial Intellegence?

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In certain pre-development projects, they have a virtual robot instead of a regular robot. Would the habit of creating a modular virtual wold be a habit I'd need to get out of? Because that's been the general approach I've taken with Ruby.

Basically I construct the AI as if it were multiple programs that operate co-dependantly, with them able to be bug tested individually. Then ends up creating more a world environment, and not so much the intellegence in their own right.

Why The Right Semantics Is Important,

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I've met tech people on social media websites, that have this idea their concept of how tech works is gospel, only for them to reveal themselves not having basic programming distinctions:


A hash index (also called a codebook), creates a dictionary of things.


a = {

  "A" => "1", "B" => "2", # And so on.



Wanting to adapt a chatbot project to InMoov,

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Going to see about maybe implementing chatscript with python, I definitely know this has been done.

Google Speech Recognizer Log Error Code

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I seemed to have resolved the issue, it just takes a while for Mary to load.

Finally getting used to the syntax,

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What was really stumbling me was mainly trying to add numbers as parts of speech, but it was easy enough to turn these back into strings, and then display it normally.

The flow is extremely similar to Ruby:



# Submission based emotions.

def attraction():

  print("I do accept.")


def trust():

  print("I do trust")


def acceptance():

  print("I do accept")


Having difficulty with the python,

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Specifically I'm having difficulty with certain aspects of using the Python programming language.

When I do ruby scripts I can do stuff like this:



7.times do

  num = File.read("my_file.txt").to_i

  new_num = num + 1

  open("my_file.txt", "w") { |f|

    f.puts new_num





Got my page up,

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Sorry if it's not exactly pretty, I tried tweaking it, but I didn't realize how powerful HTML is.

Question about motors.

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I think I might be getting lost on what powers a servomechanism. In this context, would it need a direct power supply, like a wall plugin, or would it work with a battery?

As someone who has never worked with servo and step motors.

Also I could make this a forum topic if preferred.

This is an amazing article!

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Thanks to the person that recommended this: http://myrobotlab.org/content/making-zimbo-emotion-emoji-little-self-reflection

This was able to help me refine a programming solution. It greatly simplifies (and yet paradoxically make it more granular) how to how programming emotions: I guess this is why certain emotions seem weirdly similar to each sometimes.

Wasn't sure if this should be a forum topic,

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Is there any particular reason the web search in something like an android would use duckduckgo, or could it be configured to use your own instance of Yacy?

I run my own local instance for places I visit.