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Fred is assembled.

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So Fred-X is now fully assembled. Sort of.

Progress Report

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April 6, 2018.


  Fred-X's middle is finished... Sort of.

I have completed the mechanical assembly.  I have discovered that if I change the state of configuration file 9 Neopixel from False to True that it causes the software to run as though there were some process eating up 99 % of the system resources. 

  I recommend not trying to run a NeoPixel ring unless you have a fix for this. I am not at that point yet.

  As soon as I get Fred's right leg finished I eill be standing him on his own legs.

More progress for Fred

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  So this is where Fred-X's belly is today. I am building a leg (left), so that I can measure the correct length for his new dolly. I have all the parts for the dolly, but I want fredto appear to be standing normally. The pipe on which his weight will be supported must bethe correct length, so once his leg is complete, I will remove his head and arms and covers etc and assemble the middle section and one leg  then measure the correct pipe length.

Fred's progress

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Monday March 13 2018:

 I have nearly completed Fred's torso. All of the mechanical parts have been fitted and assembled. His servo sensor pots have been fitted and have extended wires to mate to the servos. Auxilary motors are prepped, tested and wired. They are ready to add to the servos. I have the servos in house and can modify them as soon as I get enough time to work on them. 

State of the project

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  Today is Tuesday Feb. 13 2017. Fred-X is still inert (sort of). all of his servos are working individually. The issue is that the Aacer laptop computer which controls him via mrl will not yet run more than one at a time.

  It seems like the voice command part is the problem. When I open "Start_InMoov" it appears to boot up properly and it says good morning to me but soon after that it does not react to vocal input. Something here is just not copacetic. I will get it to work eventualy.

fixing One of the microscopid GUIs

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On thing about MRL that has made it difficult for me to use is the amazingly small size of the GUIs and the print therein. I have foun a partial solution. This has improved the size and print of the web GUI as opened by "Start_InMoov". 

 The fix is to change the display size settings of the Chrome Browser.  it does not work if you click on the

Getting InMoov to work.

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  This is what I have found out so far in my search about JAVA and Chrome.

I installed what the Java download/install page told me was the latest 64 bit version of Java which is build 8 update 161 (64 bit) This was what I thought was the correct version per the getting started instructions.

Java depends on/ needs NPAPI archetchture.

Chrome 45 dropped support for NPAPI in Sept of 2015 for all subsequent versions of chrome.

I have the latest version of Chrome which is version 64.o.3282.140

Oracle recommends Useing Internet explorer.

Getting InMoov to work.

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Some pictures

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Minnie the moocher helps me play solitaire, but she cheats


One of my cheap Chinese drill bits made from compressed peanut butter.



My InMoov (Fred-X) failure so far

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Per instruction I opened Start_Inmoov.

I selected the python service and pasted in to it the script for INMoov_Hand.

I edited the script to use com 9 which had its port speed set at 115200 and which appeared in the device manager ports list The Arduino IDE ports list and the Arduino service ports list.

I selected execute with the microscopic execute icon and ... nothing. except a report that port 4 was connected and happy as a lark.