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Servo slow in webgui vs swing gui

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Hello again.
I'm using 1.1.557.  I created the arduino and servo services. While testing in servo service page in the web gui, after 3 or so movements the servo and page takes sometime to respond.  In the terminal page, it's immediate.

doing the same test in the swing GUI, it works correctly.  

so question 1 - is this a known bug?

question 2 - where do we look for known bugs?

question 3 -  how do we report a bug?

thanks for assistance in advance and the work you all do

blank window in chrome on mac

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I have the current version of manticore running on a mac. the swinggui displays right, but when going into webgui, alll i see is a blank screen.  i have put in a no worky report

osx version10.11.6

chrome version 92.0.4515.159


2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Walking robot series

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This is an interesting series about designing a walking robot.  most of this is above my head, but might be useful to Ray in his newest challenge.