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Leap Motion

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Hello guys!


i know leapMotion is not a new service, but i recently had the necessity to use it for some work, and ofcourse MRL was the platform i used!

With alot of help from Kevin i did reach a final script that uses leap to mimic my index finger and moves a servo accordingly.

The script prints all info from all fingers and palm, however i am only using the index from right hand to control the servos (ofc u can control multiple servos).

leap motion

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ive been a bit out of picture but now im back!!! 

Im at the moment trying to use leap motion to control the myrobotlab! does anyone have a clue on how to do it? i know have been done in the past!


Even if it doesnt work anymore with the changes on MRL what is the best way to implement information from an outside source (leap) into maybe the python interface? Could someone throw me a hint <) thanks alot



example of a gesture with steach/atach

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def headleft():

random gesture with indidvidual loops

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Just an exemple on how to give some human moovement like


Main script i have 

randomGesture = True
if randomGesture:
    randomEyeLid = True


in gesture python scripts i got:

script as a template

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Guys just posted my main script for DeathInvoke to follow, ofcourse can be hellpfull for other people, the easiest way is to start top to bottom adding stuff and see if everything works


face tracking

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Guys could someone help me to make facetracking work?

i have everything working camera, opencv and servos, but im not beeing able to run a script to start it!! 


I have tried the gael script but keep asking for more arguments this is the code

roll neck

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hello guys i use the roll neck with servos not hacked, 

in 1412 i used this script with sucess