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Resources by Service

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Ahoy to my fellow MRL'ers!

I had an interesting thought while letting my turkey settle in my stomach (U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday Today). Is it or could it be possible to allocate resources for a specific service inside MRL when doing Runtime.createAndStart(...)  It is supposed to be possible to do java -Xmx1024m -jar myrobotlab.jar but does this just give the MyRobotLab process those resources?  I have been digging into Runtime and createAndStart but I am not seeing anything that looks explicitly like what I am wanting to do?  

Junior can read!

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I will write up how this MAGIC all worked but check it out... It WORKS!

The Robot with Two Brains REVISITED

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A few weeks ago I was trying to determine how to pass data between services running on separate instances of MRL running on a Mac Mini and a Raspberry Pi.

The Robot with Two Brains

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With the great post from Astro that allowed me to get over the hurdle I was stuck on with streaming video I have been able to move forward with splitting Junior's processing to run on two computers. Currently he has a RaspPi3 with a Pi cam that is running MarySpeech, 2 OLED screens for his eyes and eventually motor controls for his head and neck which will be controlled from a I2C 16-channel servo controller. The Pi is also using uv4l to stream the video from the Pi Cam

Speaking with Emotion

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This past week I made my Hack-A-Thon project to add MaryXML a valid input for speech inside of MyRobotLab.  I decided to add this to improve the capabilities of MarySpeech inside MRL.  MaryXML allows the input of markup language that allows the voice to be modified in the middle of the file. 

Seasons Greetings from Junior

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Hope this works... I know I should read the tutorial on this and get it to embed properly... I will if this doesn't work

Getting No Recognition: OpenCV/Face Recognition/OSX(Mac)

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So I have been trying to get face recognition working for a couple weeks now.  I burned up my first LifeCam HD-3000 with a crappy USB Hub, it also took out my Xbox Kinect 360, it was dark days...  I was able to get a new Kinect the same day for $25 from a local game store, I had to order a new LifeCam which came yesterday.  So I started up this work again.  The issue I have been having is that when I attempt to train via the OpenCV feed it does not populate photos into the training folder.

First attempt at a major amount of soldering

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Well, I was a bit intimidated on soldering Junior's mouth. I have been putting it off but it was time to give it a try. I used these little boards that fit perfectly in his mouth. I tried soldering across a whole row, that went terribly, the rest went only marginally better. I had a bit of a successful response when I tested it initially, but now nothing... so now I am pouting and going to watch Chappie for a little inspiration. Hmmm, can't seem to paste the link to the YouTube video... Guess my luck still hasn't changed...

Persistence is worth while