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I find several difficulties

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Hi guys, I have some problem, I try to use Tracking Service but not work, Azure Translator but also it not work... 

I have an urgent need to make them efficient, if you tell me the problems I can try to solve these

Thanks in advance

Chatbot with XMPP and ProgramAB

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Hi guys, meanwhile thanks Grog to update XMPP service with a new server on 

Now is it possible communicate with your robot in a chat similar to WhatsApp and other like.

To use this ther are many client:

This is the script to use ProgramAB and XMPP to create a chatbot. To register on server contact Grog or reply on this post



Translate with Microsoft Translator in Python - AzureTranslate

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While I try to create a new service I create a small script in Python to translate with Microsoft Translator. 

To use this you have to connect to this website and choose your preferred plan. The first 2.000.000 characters are free. After you register an app you'll receive a Client ID and a Client Secret to replace in code.