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[Inmoov Script] Merge Them All !

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[WIP status] :

- gestures integration
- Spanish translation
- Automatic attachement/detachement with the help of autoattach()
- Chatbot corrections


Because standardization is the key of great things this base community script is born.

MRL cloud

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MMMmm, hi ! Just an idea to discute about.

MRLcloudServer can be used , exemple to :

  • USE MULTIPLE TTS WEBSERVICES TO CACHE ( high availability and better lantency )
  • VERSION CHECKING ( if mrlclient or script is outdated and broken )

What do you think about this architecture about tts :



AudioPlay mouthcontrol MaryTTS

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This is a tip to have MRL mouthcontrol worky with external mp3 and maryTTS

( waiting something cleaner : other acapela service or maryTTS audioplay or mouthcontrol in audioplay )

add this at the top of your script :

AudioFile = Runtime.createAndStart("AudioFile", "AudioFile")

and this is to play the sound with mouthcontrol

MaryTTS - go further [post can be deleted]

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[don't know how to delete the post]


This post to list what we can do with the MaryTTS service in MRL.

I just discover it, there is a lot of interresting things

AudioEffets ( great tool to tweak the voice ) :

mouth.setAudioEffects() ->


Download voices

installSelectedLanguagesAndVoices() ->

Marty the robot powered by Myrobotlab !

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Marty using MRL inside, great ! I'm using raspi + Adafruit16CServoDriver only.




Small setup :

openweathermap Weather API

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updated this post to use openweathermap service, instead of python script

[ [service/] ]

Inmoov OpenCV test

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Hi all ! I'm starting working on opencv, I need to read lot of documentations of course,it is so big.  But is the method I used is the way to do ?


I use the main loop of published onOpenCVData and intercept the boundarybox data of the facefilter

BOT memory

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Hi this is what I use to give the chatbot some learning capacities:

It's a WIP

3 things:

Short time memory:

I used <topic> tag and <set> vars

They are temporary informations that are used only, example to turn on specific subject of conversation

<think><set name="topic">SPEAKABOUTROBOTS</set></think>

Set the conversation subject to SPEAKABOUTROBOTS

So all the AIML into

Inmoov messenger

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Little update of the bot, this is inmoov ( and friends ) messenger .  Sorry for translation quality of messenger AIML. You can mod it .