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openweathermap Weather API

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updated this post to use openweathermap service, instead of python script

[ [service/] ]

Inmoov OpenCV test

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Hi all ! I'm starting working on opencv, I need to read lot of documentations of course,it is so big.  But is the method I used is the way to do ?


I use the main loop of published onOpenCVData and intercept the boundarybox data of the facefilter

BOT memory

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Hi this is what I use to give the chatbot some learning capacities:

It's a WIP

3 things:

Short time memory:

I used <topic> tag and <set> vars

They are temporary informations that are used only, example to turn on specific subject of conversation

<think><set name="topic">SPEAKABOUTROBOTS</set></think>

Set the conversation subject to SPEAKABOUTROBOTS

So all the AIML into

Inmoov messenger

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Little update of the bot, this is inmoov ( and friends ) messenger .  Sorry for translation quality of messenger AIML. You can mod it .



WebkitSpeechRecognition works great !

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Thanks the team . i can now stop the listening and resume it and never touch the microphone icon

Robot is now autonomous

I removed the microphone from the head to avoid servo noise ,  i put it later into coton away from servo.



Perfect MouthControl

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Hi ! this is perfect mouthcontrol synchronisation :

Can be impoved





1 arduino nano dedicated to it

Output jack to input analog ( aref 1 volt my jack output 1volt max )