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MrlMsg class in MrlComm

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Hey guys
I was giving some thinking about how to implement the MrlMessage class and would like to open a discussion so we are all on the same wave.
The goal of MrlMessage class will be to
isolate the Serial access from the rest of the code
make it easier for maintenance if we need to change message structure
make it possible to implement other communication way, like using WiFi on esp8266,  I2C protocol etc

Neopixel ring running on MRLComm

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I have found a way to be able to use a Neopixel ring on an arduino running MRLComm (direct communication to MRL). No need of a slave controller to drive the neopixel hardware


mrlComm memory usage

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I very like the new mrlComm with sensor and servo regroup under a device structure. It will make it much more managable.

But i'm worrying about the memory usage

the default  inMoov hardware map have 10 servo and 5 sensors, so 15 "devices".

quickly looking at the device structure, each device will take about 70-80 bytes of memory

15 * 80 = 1200 bytes for all the devices.

compiling on the UNO, it say about 1350 bytes available. wich leave a very low amount of memory for the stack.

PIR Sensor and some bugs trackings

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I was trying to get the PIR sensor working on my InMoov. I saw some method about it in but it was no worky.

Today I have dig into the code to found out what's going on and it look like it's stuck in a between state with the arduino MRLComm change. Things are not hard to fix, but i'm a bit confuse about wich way to go


Robyn problems

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I have try to find the trouble with Robyn

I did not manage to replicate the problem as Markus told, but I was seeing from time to time some MRL->Arduino rx error

I was not caused by a buffer overflow, monitoring serial.available() show no number close the the Buffer size

So I decide to monitor the the incoming message in the arduino by echoing it to a 2nd arduino connected via I2C who can output the message to the serial monitor (that was fun to build)

I had the rothead and neck servo moving from 90 to 30/20 and robyn was speaking

Neopixel ring controlled by MRL test

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I'm trying to create a service to control the neopixel ring that will be mounted on my InMoov

the problem is that the neopixel library use the same interrupt as the servo motor. So it's not compatible and to neopixel ring need to be drive by a separated controller.

Myrobotlab, Face Recognizer and ProgramAB

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I have recently begin to play with myrobotlab to use with my inMoov and I'm really impressed with all the possibility this program allow. So I bow to the conceptor/developer of this program, it`s really an amazing work
This week-end I found out about the face recognizer filter for opencv and that will be very cool when it do this or that. I understand this is new stuff and this is still a lot to do
So, with a goal to understand better how myrobotlab is working, I have try to use that face recognition filter with my inMoov.