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InMoov Mobile Platform

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Juerg's Cool Video - Reposted by GroG

brilliant guys with money and time ...

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new/updated  Boston Dynamic robots. Amazing.


InMoov In Self Repair Mode

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Unfortunately not the result of a single script but made of many smaller sequences showing some of InMoov's capabilities


Position InMoov In Front Of Door

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Using a marker, Processing, Kinect4WinSDK, nyar4psg and java.net.URL on my PC I wrote some code that will position the InMoov in a defined position in front of a door.

As the kinect range of view is a bit limited I had to fix the marker 20 cm above the door handle axis. 

Unfortunately in my case I had to do the movements on my own (an omniwheel base as Robyn has is yet on the wishlist of my Marvin). The distance to the door is 55..60 cm and could be more precise with a nicely positionable base.