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InMoov Nervo Board update

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I've been re-wiring my InMoov(s) here with the Nervo board from Gael.  Here's a couple photos that are showing some of the progress.  I've been very happy with how easy they were to assemble, and the make the wiring much cleaner that what I had before.


Inverse Kinematics update...

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Here's an update on my progress with the InMoov arm Inverse Kinematics.




Wordnet , ProgramAB, and Solr Graph Query

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Ok, there's a lot of stuff going on here, so I'll do my best to break it down and provide some background.

Joystick control of the Inverse Kinematics service

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Here's a quick demo.  I have added joystick input support to the InverseKinematics service.  It seems to be doing what I want it to..  enjoy!


Document connector and processing framework

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Connector and Document Processing Pipeline Framework

Document Processing Pipeline Model


So, my work work is really around building custom search engines.  I am constantly re-inventing the wheel of creating a framework that can crawl a data source (such as a website , rss feed, file system, database.. etc)

Leap Motion Service and WebGui update

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Leap Motion -> Translate / Rotate -> Inverse Kinematics -> publish joint angles -> InMoovArm -> gain + phase shift of angles -> Servo   Woo Hoo ....  End to end functionality.


Leap Motion + Inverse Kinematics + WebGUI !


LeapMotion hand positon / translation

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Well.. I started testing the leap motion locally. I found that the leap motion, sitting on my desk can measure a lot of things about the orientation of my hand in front of my body.  It recognizes both left and right hand postion, orientation and finger direction as compared to the palm...

Initially, I am interested in tracking the position of the hand in the frame so I want to start getting a sense of the x,y,z  range reading.  

I see that the x,y,z values range between

Oculus DK1, DK2 and Direct Mode support for SDK 0.7+

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An Agent has been detected in the matrix!

An Agent of the Matrix in the Rift

So, as it turns out the Oculus Rift latest SDK and Runtime no longer supports using "extended model" with the Oculus Rift.  Which means we need to update our support for it.  I have started working with LWJGL and some examples.  Above you can see a virtual screen rendered in front of the user in the oculus rift. 

The QA Countdown to Release

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Here is a list of the current services in MRL so we can figure out what to QA.

Links :

WebGUI preview with google speech and program ab

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Update: Here's a better preview using MaryTTS


Here's a sneak peak at the new WebGUI with ProgramAB and the speech recognition using Google Chrome web speech toolkit.