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ProgramAB and InMoov

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----- UPDATE 2017/05/16 ----

InMoov and ProgramAB can be modeled a bit like a human.  Let's  think of it in terms of the parts.

  • Ear
  • Brain
  • Filter
  • Mouth

Ok,  above we have an ear, an ear recognizes text and publishes that to the brain.  The brain takes that text and produces 2 things. 1. a responses as text and 2. out of band messages ( generic mrl messages , we'll talk about these in other posts.)

Mycroft AI Mimic Speech

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as of build 1891...

There's a new speech service.. MimicSpeech.  MimicSpeech is a wrapper around the "mimic" speech project from the Mycroft AI project.

At a friends birthday party recently someone said I should look into the Mycroft AI project.   So, I did, it looks like they've done a good job running with much of the CMU speech stuff.  

DIY Servo Service

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Update: OpenSCAD and STL files have been posted to github for those who want to try it out!

It's worky!  Testing out Mats new DIY Servo service.  This uses a 3D set of printed gears, a 12V DC motor, an LN298N dual hbridge motor controller and a 10k ohm linear trim rotary potentiometer.  Woohoo,  the power of PID controls you!  The power of PID controls you!


Parallelogram based leg design

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So,  I've been watching James Bruton's build of the GNK droid on his Patreon campeign.  I was quite impressed with it and I think he has some great ideas.  Turns out parallelograms are an interesting choice for legs. By stacking 2 parallelograms on top of each other you can create a leg with a hip, knee and ankle.  Regardless of the angle of each of the joints, the orientation of the hip and knee and ankle will always be parallel to the ground.  Pretty awesome.  So..

Adjusting Memory settings for MyRobotLab at startup

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Sometimes java applications take more than the default allocated amount of memory that is provided to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  It's important to note that just because your computer has 2 GB of RAM, java will only ever use what it's told it can.  By default a java process allocates 256MB of RAM, often times this is not enough and must be increased.  Otherwise you will likely see an error message/exception that looks similar to this:

MyRobotlab using webkit speech programab acapela speech

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Awesome Video Kwatters !  Great to see someone else use the webgui (and how they do it)
Just making a quick list of stuffs left to do for release :

QA Release Minimal Test Plan

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It's been a long time coming, I think now that MRLComm has been refactored and greatly improved,  it's time to start testing in preperation for release.  I wanted to start this conversation for the minimal release check list / test plan with a ideals in mind.  

Running a script when you start MRL from the command line

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Lets say you have a python script for MyRobotLab that you would like to start automatically.  Here's an example of how to run a script directly from the command line when myrobotlab launches.

Robots for Good Demo

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Coming up next week is the Redhat Summit.  This is a conference about open source and the open source operating system Linux.  You may be framiliar with Redhat because of the Redhat Linux distribution that payed a large role to the growth of the OpenSource community.

Starting Harry

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Here's a quick blog post to help poeple get started using an AIML based InMoov in MyRobotLab...

To keep things simple this will go over downloading the "latest build"  , cloning the pyrobotlab github and launching the  script 

Some key features of this are that each InMoov gesture is defined in a separate file (checked into the pyrobotlib project) and that the spoken responses and actions are managed by ProgramAB and defined by the chat bot named "harry" ...

Step 1.