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Raspberry 3 plus cam for inmoov with mrl

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Maybe a bit confusing but I was thinking about the following.

I am going to do a live build of an inmoov during the maker faire in Eindhoven, end of September 2018.

Merry Xmas to my MRL family

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Dear friends.

On behalf of me and my Angela, we wish you all the best for the christmas, enjoy beeing with your loved ones and be there for them in these hard times.
Also we wish you all a great, safe and loving 2016.

And may we all find what we seek, learn what we need and share what we know.

From Hengelo the Netherlands, season greetings and lets make 2016 a year we let the world know MRL and its family is maybe not the best, but the honest and the bestfor those who need our help.

Articulated neck and movement.

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Hi all, i am printing the new neck by Bob Houston, but i am wondering if it is possible to have the head tilted forward and to the side inside MRL with a joystick. 

And is it possible to allocate degrees to it. 

Might all be possible now, but like i see the new ball joint, it has 2 tabs on it.

Its hard to tell without pictures so i will make some tomorrow and show what i mean.

Crius all in one flight controller

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I am building a quadcopter 450 flamewheel with a Crius all in one Pro V2 flight controller, and going to use it with GPS and related for autonomous flight and video.

i am using MegapirateNG and arducopter mission planner, and all works fine! Now i need to hook up the esc's to the board (an arduino mega 2560 converted board) and hook up the reciever and transmitter.

there comes the trouble. Allthough there is enough info, i am in doubt to how to connect the cables.

The Rh-1 full-size humanoid robot, Control system design and Walking pattern generation

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I found a very exciting paper on a full size robot, the RH-1 and it describes walking and control, and maybe it is interesting for the inmoov robot. But there are parts that would be interesting for other robotic platforms, and services.

i will use a link, its a long paper.


this is the link http://cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs/12296.pdf

New printer

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This is going to be my new printer, my old one has a bend frame, and prints are not accurate anymore.

All sides are going to get panels of alu sheet with PC sheets

Below is not mine, but from the designer. Info can be found on http://the-sparklab.de/

Testplate inmoov servoconnectors

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This is my test plate, with connectors from the servo's to power, and connectors from servo to the uno and mega. Quite simple, but it works. So i can test all the servos and make adjustments.


Right shoulder worky!

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The shoulder servo works after pulling out the square pot. Now the omo and bicep and the arm is done. The fingers have servo's, but im having difficulty with tensioning the fingers.