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MRL on a ... - what? (GPD Win)

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(metric measurements)

This tiny thing is running Windows without any noticable lags, stuttering, etc.

MRL doesn't seem to have any greater problems either (haven't tested much so far).

I can't tell you how well it performs running an InMoov, but can test out other things for sure (maybe not next week, but after that ...)


Some specs:

MaryTTS - multi language support

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1. MaryTTS and it's support for languages

1.1. General

MaryTTS is an open-source, multilingual Text-to-Speech Synthesis platform written in Java. ( BTW: Does it has a service page? )

It supports many languages each with it's own set of voices.

Important: A language is NOT the same thing as a voice. To function properly both the language as well as the voice files are required! A lanugage may have several according speeches.

A language file is just an .jar, e.g. "lib/marytts-lang-de-5.1.2.jar".

Voice Recognition on Android & ProgramAB in MRL - Speech Recognition

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LAST UPDATE: 05.01.2015 - New video!

24.04.2015 - renamed the service

12.05.2015 - source


So this could be a step in chatting with our chatbots using our voice.







ServoOrchestrator (at least a try) & a (my) call for testers

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UPDATED 16.11.14 (not the picture)

In the other service I came up with (it started small, but got big very fast) (-> & )
GroG asked, if it was meant to become a "(Servo-)Orchestrator", it wasn't,

but this idea didn't released me and by hazard I found an (old) sample of me:

Inmoov Gesture Creator & a short introduction of myself

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A programm for an easier creation of Inmoov-Gestures! - UPDATED 30.08.2014

Cause this is the first post I am writing here, altough I am a member here for nearly 5 months and visit the site for 3/4 - 1 year, I want to use this to short introduce myself.